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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Humptulips, Washington on 2016-06-07 14:15:00 - Driving home and took pictures with cell phone

I was driving back to my country home from the city. i drive this road a lot and i was almost home when out of my left window something dark caught my eye. i looked over at what appeared to be some sort of almost transparent dark aircraft ascending from the trees and hovered over the tree line before aggressively dissipating into thin air. i say aggressively because it didn't just fizz out but more like broke into particles which sort of grouped in a directional almost gas-like substance that darted into nothingness towards the sky. i know that might be a confusing description but this describes it as accurately as i can. i grabbed my phone as quickly as one could while driving. i tried my best to snap three pictures as i kept my car on the road and steady my shaking hand. on top of that if you see my third picture you can see headlights from an oncoming car as well that i had to maintain my side of the road while all this was happening. so this is what i saw. the object to me looked like some sort of stealth bomber mixed with an imperial starship destroyer from star wars. it had a smokey almost ghastly appearance and what appeared to be some sort of pulsating force field bubble around the ship. one of the pictures shows this force field i'm talking about. it also looked like it had some sort of cockpit with a clear window like a jet that pops open to allow the pilot to enter/exit. now i wish i would have pulled over and waited around to see if anything else appeared but like i mentioned earlier this sighting was 15 minutes from my house and i don't know if i was more ecstatic or scared about the whole situation. i got home and reviewed the three pictures i was able to snap and that is what i am presenting with my story. i call these ufo pictures because i've showed them to a number of people and not a single person has given me any answer even reasonably convincing as to what it is i saw that day. i've heard rumors of other sightings around my area but took them for old timers telling stories. i hope by submitting my story to the professionals i can turn this ufo to an ifo for some peace of mind or reassurance. i get a bit worried out here in the woods sometimes thinking about it, and even worse is when someone tells me i'm crazy yet can't give my pictures a logical answer. thanks for hearing my input. hope to hear back soon. will be waiting.

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Credit: MUFON

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