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Saturday, December 3, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Stony Point, New York on 1952-06-01 00:00:00 - F 86 saberjets dogfight yellw lightobject in the sky over stony point new york when i was just akid

Iam 73 years oldand suffered a sever head injury so i dont spellto good anymore,,,illdomy best,,,i was withmymother,,,visitinghermom,,,this was about 30milessouth of stewert afbin newburgh ny,,,,koreawasgoing on and the f 86 saber jets flew out of thereand practiced dog fighting over rockland county,,,my grandmother wentout sideto watch the 86s and calledus out all excited,,,we went outside to see and we sawthe sabers chasing a bright yellow thing in the sky,,,every time they gotnear it such shot away from them,,,[noperiod key],,,,there was a mess of sabers and only one yellow lightthing,,,,afer a whileit just shot away and was gonein a split second andte 86s slowed down and milledaround for a while and then flew of to the north back to stewart, i was very used to airplanes,,,myunclehad an airplane andtookmeflying all the time,over the years i saw 5 ufos,,,i would like to sebd you the details one at a time,,,,i have sever shortterm memory lose,,,it dosntmakeyou forget things but is a realpain to comuniketandspell,,,igey neverous after awhile soill willquitfornow,,,the next thing i saw wasafewmilesnorth aroundtheindian point nuclearpowerplant,,,aroundthelate60s,,,myoldkey board is screwing up,,,,ill try to sent that off toyou tomorrow,,,,thensabres were really making onehellofa fur ball tryng toget a beedonthat thing untilitjust flashed away,,,of course the had no ammoin the 50s,,,,,

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Credit: MUFON

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