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Monday, December 5, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Texas on 2016-01-11 17:05:00 - There is too much to write. .25 words cannot begin to explain whats happening

The number eleven has lead me to all this. abduction memories began come alive mid twenties. ive spent alot of time getting into trouble so all ever wanted in life was to just be on my feet. ive never had time for these memories or abductions yet to come. it was all suddle then eleven began to haunt me. the dreams of the number 11 and 44 were strong. i always believed in bible. i just read it different then most...I pray stronger. the lights always show up. not sure if its always good. one night i called over thirty lights ..I had drank alot that night and demanded more! show me more i yelled! i yawned and a light flashed on me and wife. it was bright ..Lasted half a second. i jumped back scared i called. looked up and saw light ball passing ...I had long hair at time. days later my hair began to fall out ..Ive cut since and its grown back normal now. ive had hundreds of dreams which ive written including math symbols and more..Ive called lights on many occasions to show family. but they dont seem to care. i dont talk about this anymore. i only write. i dont hve time for this ufo stuff but the dreams haunt and i asked them one night ..Do i write this damn book or not and a light flased in sky. .I was annoyed to be honest. i dont wanna write or remember the feelings on the craft. the son i have up there. i wish i could go up there and take him. ive watched him grow. he does not have sympathy like me. ive had scars on my back. geometry symbols ive tried to do the math but i hate math. i try to seek answers and get more lost. the helicopters thay hover my home keep me from meditating as much. my doors have been left open at night my phone is tampered with ..Im surprised if this even gets seen. i have much more to say but i tend to sound scary and weird to those i tell. names manuel. hope someone reads who wants to help me

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Credit: MUFON

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