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Sunday, December 18, 2016

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Alien Encounter in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province on 2016-07-02 04:06:00 - Man from uk with no passport,no entry to argentina or any other south american country .

I am police office in ushuaia in far south of the argentina,we were dispatched to a land owners farm houses es,a british man hit on there door in early middle of the nights.On highway 3 a very isolated part of the country in. we arrive and the man told a intredibble story.He remember the night which was now 7 hours before bein in his car in the britain city he lives stoke upon the trent and just in car for the short trip to his mother in wales then only remember the car did stop then next the minute he is in monuntain and cold in just the light clothes he saw a light above then light at distance in farm home he walk to farmhome and bang on the porch the mother at farm home he think he is in the hill in stoke upon the trent but no he is in far southest of argentina he has no passport no i.D we check the airlines he is no on any airlines no entry into argentina.We arrest for illegal enter into country we had big investigate into his .He has receipt for gas station in england for 11 hours ago and many peoples had see him only several hours before the time there was picture live in gas station .There is no way it was possible to fly from england in that time it take atleast 20 plus hour to get to here.We had to hand to immigracion then 1 month to be quiet and no speak then we debrief by official it is secret information and must not talk to any for nacional security this man told this had happen before when he is 18 and in the usa for a summar camp in caiefornia,one time he is at summar next he is punto arenas not too much kilos here from but chile. what is happen here? i am afraid to speak to you for this i can become in trouble a lot for this so no please any mentionin of this,i sort for the bad languages.

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Credit: MUFON

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