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Friday, December 2, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Belpre, Ohio on 2016-11-29 19:16:00 - Very bright white , dim and get brighter, very slow moving

I have been seeing this bright white object for the past several weeks. the first time was on my way back from the hospital where my dad and i were visiting my mom. we were driving down the road and my dad said look at that, i said what and he said that light and it looks like it has a ladder hanging down from the back part. so when i first got a look at it was on the left side of the car and as we went on down the road it was on the right. it was very bright and i knew it was not a aircraft since it had no nav lights. since i was driving i didn't get a very good look at it, so over the next 5 days we continued to see this light and it never appeared to be moving or it was moving at a very slow speed. so after my mom got out of the hospital i never thought any more about it. i am a smoker and i don't smoke in my house so on november 29, 2016 right around 7:15 or so i went out on my front porch to smoke and i look out and i see this bright white light object again. i mean this thing was just super bright , so i go back in the house and get my binoculars and look at it and it is very bright white and i know this is not a aircraft and it has like some kind of vapors that show around it, and am i am watching this i see like the center of it open and separate from the bottom for a few seconds and then close back up. i didn't see anything go in or come out of it when it did that. what ever it was moved at a very slow speed and seemed to follow a west heading. i did go back into the house and got my cell phone and took pictures of it and a short video, and the video was a bit shaky so isn't moving it is just my hand. there were also other people who saw this and they were from the recovery home where mom is, the driver of there vehicle were out looking at christmas lights and they noticed it and observed it for a while also. i lost sight of it when the view became blocked by buildings. i know what i saw was a ufo, there are no planes, helicopters or craft that look like that due to how bright it was and there were no navigation lights on it and it had also changed shape from almost round to a saucer shape as you can see in the photos. i had a few more pictures and a short video but no space to attach them

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Credit: MUFON

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