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Friday, December 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Willard, Missouri on 1976-08-04 12:15:00 - What looked like a star in broad daylight in the distance became a cigar shaped craft enveloped in fire as it stopped and hovered above some trees for awhile then disappeared.

Me and 3 friends were washing my friends new truck in the driveway of his parents home north of willard, mo. when i noticed what looked like a star in the east. it was the middle of the day and when i glanced back to look at it again it had gotten much closer. it was obviously moving at a great speed. i told the friends and we all watched as it came within less than a mile from our position and came to a complete stop above some trees and sac river. it was cigar shaped and was completely engulfed in flames. the flames were lapping upward as it sat motionless and quietly. it sat there long enough for my friends to run into the garage and look out the window. i was amazed and stayed in the driveway watching it. after a few moments it tilted upwards then disappeared like a curtain had been pulled in front. i have always had the impression or the feeling that it just accelerated away so fast the human eye couldn't follow. there was never any noise. it's like when something travels through the atmosphere so fast that it catches or creates fire. that's what i felt was the reason it was engulfed in flames because from the first dot like star to where it stopped was only a few seconds. my friends were all freaked out and scared but i remember telling them that if they were going to take us, there wasn't anything we could probably do. ironically, all 3 of my friends are deceased. my best friend whose truck we were washing committed suicide. his little brother died of cancer and the other friend died in a car crash. i don't remember ever discussing it with them afterwards but have told my family about the experience. i have also discussed it with others thru out the years. i've considered it a privilege and a great experience and would love to have it happen again. in the late 80's i also saw what looked like a mother ship, a tiny dot very high in the sky in daylight with no clouds. it seemed to set motionless while several smaller pinpoints of light flew around it. i watched this for an hour or so while i was working one weekend. this happened above springfield, mo. didn't have any binoculars or any way to see it better so this one was not near as profound an experience.

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Credit: MUFON

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