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Saturday, December 31, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina on 2016-12-30 23:30:00 - Every night for 4 nights the lights come.

I was looking out my back window right as the sun was starting to come up a couple weeks ago. i always love to watch the deer early in the morning and evenings. this particular morning i noticed a light i had never seen before on my property. i watched it until the sun drown out the light. i wasn't sure what it was. i brushed it off as the something to do with the sunrise. that evening i went to walk my dog before bed. there again was that light. at this point it made me uncomfortable and scared because there was no way that this light was coming from a vehicle and if a person were doing it, they were in my backyard using some special light that didn't have a beam or show any origin of where this light was coming from. these lights would come every night for a few consecutive days between 10 and 11 and would stay until the sun came up.It started a couple weeks ago. it stopped for a few nights but has started up again this being the 4th consecutive night. a large warm light that's round in shape moves up and down my yard. there's no beam to follow to find where the light is coming from. it moves in a pattern as if it's scanning my property. it moves from the side of the house to the back and all the way around my house. i see bright flashes of light. balls of light in mid air that burst out making a flash similar to an old fashioned camera flash. there's never any sound with this. i also see small red orbs of light like an led light in random places in my yard. they fade in and out. if i turn all my outdoor lights on to try and drown out the moving ball of light scanning my yard, i see shadows moving everywhere. tonight i actually watched a large orange ball come from the sky and disappear in the tree line. right after this happened is when all the lights and shadows started tonight. i know this all sounds so crazy. i am sane and alcohol/drug free. i have been trying to get pictures and video for days but all i have is a cellphone to try and capture this on tape. it always shows nothing but a black screen. i am currently trying to get a camera that can film in low lighting. i need help with this. i never believed in anything supernatural until seeing this.

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Credit: MUFON

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