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Friday, December 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Wesley Chapel, Florida on 2016-12-06 05:53:00 - I looked out across the horizon, towards tampa and observed this light hovering, moving side to side, up and down with flashing lights.

Early morning, dec. 6, 2016, just before 6 a.M., i went outside to see how warm it was out and to see if there was any cloud coverage. i looked up into the sky, as it was very clear, checking out all the stars when i noticed one that appeared to be pulsating, and drifting from side to side. it would move to my right, hover a bit and then go back to my left. it would sometimes go up in a circular motion and then just set still for a short period. the object appeared to be a few miles away, directly sw from my position. if it wasn't for the pulsating light and it's movement, and maybe being just a tad bit bigger than the other stars in the sky, it would have looked just like another star. after a few minutes of observation i went inside to get my camera hoping to zoom in to see it better and maybe capture a short video. i observed this object for about 10 minutes overall. my arms started to get tired from trying to hold the camera up at an angle, while keeping it still, so i quit filming and went inside to see what i captured. i got a little excited that there was something on the video, and almost forgot to go back out to watch it. but after messing around a few minutes inside, i went back out to see if it was there and i did not see it anymore. as you can tell from the video, everything is very quiet outside with an occasional dog barking in the background. it did not seem that the object made any noise. if it was a helicopter i would have been able to hear it. coming from the opposite direction, and much higher, are flight paths for jets that are coming in and out of the tampa international airport. when these go overhead, either taking off or landing, they audible. that pretty much sums it up. there are two short videos i took. in the first one, the object is not centered due to my poor aiming, but it does come up in the bottom right hand corner of the picture after a few seconds. the second video is much better as i readjusted my aim to get the object centered. the object was a distance away, so it is pretty small in the video, and maybe a bit on the dim side. but you will clearly see it, and what appears to be flashing/pulsating lights and almost like it is spinning, or something. but that may be due to the lights. it also appears at times that there is color to the lights. sometimes they look blue, and other times it looks like a flash or reddish color. but the flash is so quick, as was the pulsating of the light very fast.

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Credit: MUFON

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