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Saturday, December 3, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Springfield, Ohio on 1974-08-01 00:00:00 - Encounter of the second and a half kind

In 1974 i was driving a county road with my date. she was 16 and i 17. the event took place in clark county ohio. driving on new moorefield rd away from the village, c.J. brown lake to the right, i noticed 2, sort of orange in color, lights. i went past grant rd. then turned around and went back stopping at grant rd and new moorefield rd. i noticed a red blinking light ascending at a high altitude maybe 2000 to 5000 feet. the orange tinted lights on the 2 craft went out and red blinking lights came on and they ascended. seeing 2 more craft, orange lights, i proceeded down grant rd. going up hills and after getting to flat land i noticed that it was a fleet, paired in 2's, separated by a few miles, and all orange lights. i drove grant rd at a high rate of speed. crossing columbus rd maybe 7 miles later, grant turned into redmond rd, the road became 90 degree turns where i lost sight. as i came out of the turns one craft dwarfing a state patrol post just flew over the top of it. it broke away from the straight line of travel going west on st. rt.40 stopping over the parking lot of the silver swan diner at 200 to 300 ft. i pulled under it rolling down the window. it was without motion, silent, stable, no wind, no flame, no car trouble, flood lights in 2's on the belly, and not man made. it was too dark and blinded by the light i could not see the craft. the bottom lights were about the length of a 737 jet. i tried mental communication which did no good for me. pulled my head into the car and told my girlfriend we had a ufo above us. she looked up through the windshield, started crying, screaming, and hitting my arm so i would leave. i drove away and the craft started to follow, looked like it did a mild banking turn at a very low speed, and went towards it original line of travel, south and a small degree west. later that night i returned with 2 male friends. we noticed 2 men in a field with coveralls on and hardhats with lights built into them. they said they were looking for a lost coon dog. maybe 2 or 3 nights later a search light was in the area. the 3 of us spent much of the summer searching the county skies. once we saw a craft descending 400-500 ft away at a low altitude into a crop field in heavy fog. it was a bright light, no sound, coming straight down as to land. the light was maybe 50 to 75 ft in diameter. as this was happening an elderly male drove from the complex to the left of the crop field in a 1966 light blue ford galaxy. the craft,or big bright light, then went straight back up. he asked if we had car trouble, we had beer, said no, and left. facing the property on upper valley pike to the left of the field a farm complex and to the right a small airport and to the left of it the landing strip. many strange things have happened in my life since. recently within an enclosed room a red laser light appeared on the floor to the left of my daughter. within 2 minutes, i hadn't told her about the light, she said how did you do that? she had a red line (light) appear on the right side of her, a space, and small line. this room has both blinds and heavy curtains. i have had to stop my truck, while traveling home around 3 a.M., as a red transparent globe of light passed in front of the vehicle. it was 6" or 7" in diameter and i think the year was 1999 or 2000. the globe came from a woods at treetop level and having passed the truck followed the contour of the land,up the curb across grass, at about 6 " off the ground. it went from red,at ground level orange,yellow,and then vanished. after the sightings in 1974 and in the year of 77 once a month an extremely high pitch amplified noise in my only good ear would put me in pain as i slept. i would clinch my jaws shut because of the pain. after about 8 months of this i would fight to wake my self from my sleep always waking to sweat soaked sheets. my wife who was beside me, also my companion in the 1974 sighting, was untouched. i had no medical problems or disease. around the late 90's this happened about 3 more times, and as an alarm, i would wake.

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Credit: MUFON

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