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Monday, December 19, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2016-12-18 17:24:00 - I was outside and felt the feeling that i had to look up and saw it first thing.

I was outside and i just had to look up and it was right there without searching for it. this has happened before. i saw it fly in a straight line, it wasn't flying fast as i had enough time to get my phone into video setting and filmed it. it was glowing like a bright white lightbulb. my building got in the way of view so i walked behind it to continue filming it. the glowing craft went inside a small low cloud and it never came out, it should had taken a second to exit it, but it didn't. i stopped filming, but kept staring into the cloud and it came out after some time, then it turned upward and disappeared. on the video the craft appears much higher than it was and the clouds that appear on the video are miles away, its hard to judge by looking at the video. like i said it went inside a low insignificant cloud in size when it went into a hover, to then come out, fly upwards and then it was gone. the commercial airplanes flying at the time were not reflecting sunlight. i'm stating this because i'm a certified helicopter pilot and i know all the scenarios people will throw out there. but this wasn't a plane, rotorcraft, bird, ballon, blimp, etcetera. this was a type of aircraft, unknown and flown by something or someone. i'm posting the video and i zoomed in on it to take stills and edited the color, saturation, etc. to get a better shape of the craft. this isn't my first sighting, but it is by far the less impressive.

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Credit: MUFON

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