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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on 2014-04-26 01:01:00 - An officer witnessed it also but he fled because of fear!

Look i have been abducted many times! i would screw my doors shut. i still have videos that make people ill when they watch it. they wouldn't allow me to send any to you. 2 days ago i attempted to cut videos down to the money shot. when i did they erased everything!! there are 2 groups that i know of. the one group use to abduct me and do awful stuff to me. now their is a group that protects me from the others!! if i break out my iphone and record! 9 out of 10 times i will get things on video! i'm afraid to record. thats what got me in this mess. many of my friends have witness something very strange with me! thats not why i'm contacting you! its about morgellons!!! their is something very strange about it! it has said not to be real!! lol trust me its real! the government knowes it is. i think its somekind of mind control device!! or its like a shock collar. do what i say or else!! i had it so bad, i prayed for a cure. i was told to use salt. wow what a relief from the pain. if you tried to cut out or clean one of the sores. the others would produce pain because you was picking at one. like they was talking to each other. i washed my hands with salt. wow instant releif!!! i seen something wierd in the sink. so i washed my hands over a bowl. you could see things swimming around!!! i put them into a clear glass to look at them. honest to god! they looked like smooth metallic triangle blob! their was another group of things. they looked like some kind of worm. well i seen a show on morgellons with joe rogan. the same exact drawing they had. any way i wanted to show the doctors what i found. they didnt want to see what i brought in. so i soaked my feet in front of 2 nurses. they seen 2 things come out and was swimming. they put it into a container and discharged me. so i get my own salt and go to a different hospital. which they seen the white things comming out of my skin 2 weeks before. the dr. was excited to see what i was talking about. a nurse came back and said your being discharged!! right then i knew they knew more then they was saying. i was mad. i went home. i was talking to a friend and reconized a under cover cop car sitting in front of a friends house. so i started walking down to there. they pulled out and started down the road. lol it was a dead end. they had to come back. here they came i was getting ready just to talk to them. they ran off the road to get around me!! they was in suits!! anyway it had government plates. so that as strange i thought. i went home and typed up this thing about how to heal the sores from morgellons. it was erased 3 days later. i kept trying to post it. when you would put salt in your note at all. it wouldnt post. then it got to the point i couldnt go to that website. so i used a friends. his internet went off for a day!! i told people i would give them a 100 bucks if they could post my note. no one could do it!! then i started seeing a red laser. i guy in a pick up truck was putting a laser on me. i figured i would go right into to town. that way no one could hide. some one calling the cops and said i broke into their garage. so the cops show up saying that crap. they knew i didnt do that. i told them what was going on. then i see the truck. i said there he is. they took after him. i went to a friends house. i tried to sleep! the next morning i look out the window. there sits a state cop. i didnt know why he was there. then i seen that pick up go bye! the state cop went after him. when i seen my buddy who is a cop. i asked him who it was. he said the guy was dea. and he was following me. thing is no one was informed he was there. for some reason they don't want a cure for morgellons!!! the stuff glowes under a black light. i have seen a black thread in my body a couple times deep in the sores. i tried cutting it with everything. wire cutters brand new razor!! nothing cuts it. man the pain is so intense when you mess with it. it seems like it stings you all over at the same time. with pressure i have had black thorn looking things come out of my hands and feet. when i take a shower and scrub with salt. it melts this stuff to a clear blob. you can see where it came from on your skin!! it would have a depression. the clear blob is on your towel. looks like a silicone. i have had this sore on my leg for over 3 years. even with salt i cant get it to heal. when i was messing with it one time. it looked like a weaved piece of cloth at the bottom of my sore. it was hard like a shell. well i wanted through it. it was normal i knew that. i tried all kinds of stuff. i tried engine degreaser. didnt work. then i got oven cleaner. it melted a hole right through it. their was a big empty cavity behind it. half the length of a q tip! i didnt understand why their was a cavity there. the oven clear drained right into it. i was scared then. so i went to the hospital. they just gave me antibiotics and sent me home. they wouldn't answer anything!! why wouldn't they send me to whacky house!! i have done everything to prove its real. we told them we looked at it under a microscope. they got pissed off. they wanted to know why i had a microscope. wtf!!!! i have passed it on to a friend. lucky him the sores sometimes bleed a brown color. they gave my buddie this foam stuff. just put it right on the cut dry. wow it sucked this black shit right out of it. hopefully he got it!! look i'm a very smart person. i was a trouble shooter on the f-14 jet! i got the battle e twice. its clear to me. that the government is hiding this for some reason. when the cdc investigated this. the hired another company to do it. they said their is nothing to it. which if you look they omit they lied!If you look to charles e holman foundation. you will see that its real! its a very complex sickness!! when i soak my feet in hot salt water for awhile. you know it turns old skin white. it turns the meat in my toes white. big parts are white. but its so big of a piece im afraid to pull it off. it would be more then half my toe. you can see big pockets on the bottom of your feet. i pick the little spots off with ease. just like if it was dead skin. but the pockets i leave are fine. they have blood going through. its like its replaceing your muscle!! i'm telling you this stuff is very very strange. its not normal!! why can't i post something that would help those that have those very painful sores. i'm telling you the pain is over the top. salt would help them instantly..They have all kinds of stupid other cures on the site. dumb shit. but salt works so good!! but it wont post. why???? because salt is cheap and they can't make money??? i don't think so!! my money is on its somekind of control device!!! if you get someone that hasn't treated their sores to soak in salt water. i promise you! you will see something that will shock you!! its so easy to prove morgellons is real with salt. i just don't understand!!! whats strange is joe rogan joke around about them being nano bots. to me they looked like a machine!! why can't i post about using salt to help to heal the sores. every other stupid idea is on there. i even put a couple stupid ass things on there just to see if it would post. if salt is in there. most of the time it wont post. some times it did for a hour. then its gone.

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