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Monday, December 5, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Flat Rock, Illinois on 1998-11-15 20:00:00 - Seen strange orange lights with two of my friends, im a life long experiencer of orange colord lights

I was about 16 years old , had two frends with me in my s-10. i was about to drop my friends off at home due to it being a school nite. as we turned onto the eastern most road of my town we noticed an unusualy located and colord orange light straight to the south of us. it immediatley caught our attention. after 1/10 of a mile i stopped the truck and we all got out to watcht this event. the orange light was larger than a star. as we wated it seemed to change brightness but with no regular pattern its action. shortly after we all had goten out of the truck the main light released 5-6 smaller ones that begun to(only way to say it) mill around kinda aimlessly. sometimes the smaller ones would have there view obstructed by trees on the horizon. after a while they migrqted back to the larger light where they originated. once all the small lights had returned to the large one it then began to slowly fade inbrightness, once faded out for a moment it then returned to being bright. it done that three times before prmanantly fading out. i have several other events id like to have cataloged together if thats possible.

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Credit: MUFON

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