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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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Alien Encounter in Logan, New Mexico on 1962-07-15 00:00:00 - I saw real aliens no ufo,s.

I was fishing in a pond about 15 miles from town. it was late in the evening and it was brewing up a rain storm. i was with my cousin who is a couple of years younger than i. i was under tree near the lake and i kept seeing something shiny across the lake. if i tried very hard i could cast across the pond. i was aware of the lightning and thunder. it was a rough storm with plenty of lightening. i noticed that the shiney spots were large and an equal distance apart. i could see the beings better when the lightening made every thing bright. i kept looking for a while until i realized what they were. there were more than i saw i am sure because they were all walking a path across from me. it is rather bushy on that side except for a trail that comes over the hill. we had parked about half mile from the lake because of a fence. it was easier to walk than go around. after i noticed they were real i called out to my cousin who had walked off a little ways. they kept looking at me than at him. thier eyes still shining. thier eyes were big and round and had slight oriental slant to them. they were short and skinny, long arms, big heads, but not long heads but large. i called to my cousin and told him what i was looking at. he came running and we picked up what we could and ran up to the truck. when we got to the truck we looked back and could see more of them but we were to scared to look for long. we rushed off and decided not to tell anyone. now that i am older i worry about my grandkids. this is a private lake and is used by few people. i have no pics. we did not carry cell phones at the time. since they have been here for years i don't think they are distructive to us but they could be. robert c

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Credit: MUFON

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