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Thursday, December 29, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes on 2016-10-20 21:24:00 - Seen every night ,many difrent types,contacts in dreams ,and follows me and responds some questions daylight aswell as night

I go to mexico often due to personal reasons, from the minute i cross the u.S border these entaties are aware during my travel south of the border these entaties are already waching and following me all the way to my destination ,often its not only just one and on the way there during stops i great them and the entaties aknowledge my presence ,this has been on going for the past 2 years, when reaching my destination its common for me and a family member to go outside as soon as the sun sets and we wach as these many various entaties "play" in the night sky they have become such a regular thing to see ,anyone who comes and visits our land will see them aswell and some people do freak out, at times some of these entaties are friendly for they seem harmless but others make trouble and do make it obvious to me or other spectators that they are not approving of this activity ,i myself have witnessed difrent crafts from all sizes and ranges they seem to all make spectaculars in the sky from descending to ascending to dissapearing and hipper speeds ,some tend to travell in pacts but then the ones that seem to appear as a threat is a big craft that looks similar to a long pill and it normaly emits orangy red and yellow collors and it also releases other crafts from its inside they seem to guard this big craft and scare the other on going traffic away they are normally spotted in the direction where at sertain times mars is seen most, i have gotten to a point where i attempted communication and got answers back by the crafts themselves ,i know wich ones not to fear although there are blue ones crafts that do appear and diamond ones aswell that have me scepticle due to their percular behavior ,at one point i had unwanted contact by a being in the unoted states wich is rare because i noticed most of these beings will not follow me or contact me as much during my stay in the u.S although the ones i am familiar with will every now and then pop up and let me know they are there and waching almost as if in a protective state ,when i cross the border i have noticed they seem to be pleased of my return to mexico ,in dreams and visions during my stayes in mexico it has become apparent to me that they tend to communicate more and are warning me or updating me on world happenings aswell as other worldly dementions were they themselves have taken me in my sleep, not one has ever touched me they are mostly guides but the one that made contact with me in the u.S did hurt me,scared me and even made sure i knew of its obduction by awakening me in mid air over my bed before letting me go and yelling ,its a sound i will never forget ,the entaties in mexico are a sight to see,ive tryed to record them on cell fones but some will eather not appear and alot of the time there is no visible details other than orb like shapes, the best sightings are in person as i do not have the funds for more suffisticated equipment ,a thermal camera will be ideal since on the ranch during night walk with no light source other than small flashlights you will hear them in the corn or wheat field thrusting by and its easily apperant its not the wind ,some entaties will be so close to the ground they at times leave crop circles on our land ,they have never bothered pur live stock and other locals report seing them in near by mountains often ,its such a regular sight that it no longer causes fear but ony caution to not approach them ,respect them and let them be, in my theory is why they have not harmed anyone around ,the sightings are daily and are always spectacular a sight to not forget although the entaties are weary of american for what evet reason they are not to mexican peoples ,in my visions i am constantly beggining at a pyramid and then taken out of this demention most of the time i do not recall all details but am aware they were trying to tell me something,due to stress in my life i noticed it has made it extra dificult for me to remember a full vision but would love to know what these messages are, most i do know are of future occurances in the united states and they are all mostly bad, from invatios to political figures all the way up to important dieties that are aware of our worlds wrong doings ,most the messages i recieve are to do something about our planets economic downfall and our race extiction ,a buch of warnings and revolations , if you are wanting proof of ailien life or specifics on difrent ailien races and ships ,mexico on my land is the place i would recomend.

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Credit: MUFON

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