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Thursday, December 15, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Pamplico, South Carolina on 1996-12-22 00:00:00 - Ufos over a field

While traveling back home on a rural road during the christmas break we spotted a line of cars maybe a dozen or so on the road perpendicular to the one that we were currently traveling on. the cars began turning down the road and coming towards us. suddenly we realized what was going on. it didn't seem very dark that night. but the headlights from all the cars were still bright but suddenly we saw the lights come on from above the field to the left of our car. there was a huge "toy top" like ufo slowly moving towards our direction. it was massive and very low to the ground. the lowest being 20ft from the field. and no higher than the tops of the trees that lined the field. the ufo itself was dark gray. there were three sections of the ufo. the top and bottom seemed to be stationary. but the middle part protruded out like that of the middle of a toy top. it rotated clockwise and had a steady stream of lights that lite up in a sequence. the lights may have been multi colored with a lot of white lights too. the ufo had a windshield in the bottom section. it was lit from within and we could make out at least 3 humanoid figures standing in front of it. the whole time it was moving quite slowly. then it stopped. by this time we had stopped our car and the other cars had mostly stopped on the road as well. then the craft just hovered for a few minutes. we did not exit our car. the middle part was still rotating and we could see the figures moving about inside. then another craft exactly the same came from the west. slowly making it's way over the tree tops and coming in close to the first ufo. for a few brief moments the second craft (which seemed a bit higher than the first) seemed to be acknowledging one another. the second craft raised a bit higher, slowly made it's way from over the field and then boom, took off fast. we couldn't tell if it climbed in altitude. a few minutes went by and the first craft began to drift towards the same direction. when it reached the tree line it too took off very fast. the line of cars now sped off in the southern direction down the road after the ufos.

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Credit: MUFON

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