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Thursday, December 1, 2016

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on 2016-12-01 18:10:00 - Orange, glowing orbs, very bright appeared the disappeared to reappear in another part of sky. one split into two then vanished.

This happened two nights in a row so far. this is the first night (11/30/16): i was out on the balcony overlooking the ocean about 7:00- 7:30 pm and a bright orange light was over the ocean (i was looking northward over ocean). i first thought it was mars and remember thinking wow that is huge and bright tonight, when it suddenly disappeared but the same light, or same kind of light, instantly appeared over the ocean looking south now. so, it moved or reappeared in another spot completely. i then called my 12 year old son outside. he arrived in time to see that orb vanish and reappear yet again, this time straight out in front of us. at that point, the orb split into two orbs then vanished completely. the orbs were visible in each spot for about 3-5 seconds. it was also very foggy that day and evening. tonight, (12/01/16) i watched the sunset and stayed outside on the same balcony, talking on the phone when the orange orb appeared again in the same spot. this was right after sundown, at 6 pm or shortly thereafter. tonight, it was much brighter and seemed larger, or closer. i again called my son outside, thinking it would be a repeat of last night, it was very similar, they were definitely the same color and suddenly appeared and vanished, however this time it didn't go way across to the other side of the ocean. instead there was one, that vanished, then reappeared closer to where it started and then a second one appeared, then a third, larger one appeared in the center of the sky. we could now see plainly see that the large one was shaped like a 3-sided star- a center point with 3 spoke-like parts like a throwing star, or ninja star- type shape. the ones to the north disappeared and the last one, split into two 3 sided stars and abruptly vanished. my son says he saw it split into 3 stars and i have to say, i feel like it is hard to remember it right. i know i said out loud it split into two again (i was still on the phone with my friend) but when i was writing this, i felt like i had remembered it splitting into 3. which is odd. i can't explain this. so i am saying it split into 2 because i know that is what i said, i do not know why i want to remember it in 3. for the next couple of hours, the orbs randomly appeared and vanished every 20 mins or so until i came inside about 8 and i have gone out a couple more times to smoke a cigarette and have not seen any since. i snapped a couple pictures of the random ones. none of them were as big and bright as the first set we saw tonight. also, the ones we saw tonight- after they vanished, we would see much smaller, white lights around where it vanished, acting the same way (vanishing then reappearing in different spots) until they just stopped. i will include the whole original digital file of the pictures where they are very faint and far and also include what it looks like if you zoom in on it. in the second picture, it appears that it is moving. i do not know if it is camera shake or if it really was moving so fast we couldn't see it with our eyes. also, there was a slow moving ship on the horizon tonight but not last night.

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Credit: MUFON

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