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Saturday, December 31, 2016

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UFO Sighting in American Canyon, California on 2016-12-30 20:50:00 - Heard a loud roar, looked outside to see a rocket type ufo spinning end over end with bright lights flashing

There has been a lot of ufo activity in california recently. for some reason these objects have different shapes. it may be that i am seeing these objects up close and personal. they are relatively close in proximity. to see something in the sky far away is one thing but to see them so close as to identify them has me very concerned. where is this going? i did not even believe that ufo's existed until 2013. that was the first time i could actually identify one. that was when i knew that people seeing things in the sky, unidentified flying objects, were real. i cannot tell you or anyone else, where they are coming from or exactly what they are. i believe, you have to see one up close to become a believer. i do live close to an airport and i know what an airplane looks and sounds like. these are not planes, or helicopters, weather balloons nor drones. they seem to have very advanced technology. most have been huge in size and for the most part very quiet. shapes have gone from disk shape to a star shape (with one large bright light), to a triangle with smaller red lights along the parameter (flashing in sequence), most lights are flashing in irregular patterns (one big flash, usually white, followed by red smaller flashes). for the last few weeks the ufo shape has been square and usually more than one. i cannot identify the smaller ones because they are further away, pretty high up there. the larger one has more lights and when they meet up they continue along at the same rate of speed and seem to connect and then the smaller one takes off on its own again somewhat faster than the larger one. this exchange (?) happens at a distance so i am not sure what does happen. i also have seen 2 large objects meeting up and flying off together and then meeting up with a smaller object. tonight i saw a large square ufo flying about 500 or so feet in the air traveling north and it met another object at another 500 feet higher up and moved quickly out of my vision. they were loud and at first moving slow until they met up and then took off fast. i am not sure what was or is going on but i do not like it. so. about an hour later i heard more roaring sounds and this is what i remember seeing and hearing. tonight was the first time a ufo has changed its shape right in front of me. earlier tonight a square very large thing with flashing lights was traveling north through california. it was very low and traveling very slow. i watched it for some time before going inside my house. can not report all of them. it takes too long but they have been in the northern california skies almost every night. they are not trying to hide by any means. in fact i think they are taunting me. they move when i move and stop when i stop and then lately they start traveling towards me. tonight i heard a loud roaring sound and i was not going to go outside again. i had already gone out three separate times tonight and it is very, very cold and dark. also, this ufo stuff is starting to scare me. but then i heard a loud bark; just like my dogs bark but louder. i ran to the back and side windows to see if my dog had gotten out and at that time i saw something large overhead and i could see lights blinking and moving acto see what was so loud. i was shocked to see my dog right next to me and realized i could swear it was her barkalmost tripped over her because she was that close. i could tell she was afraid and did not know where the bark came from. no other pets or people around! i ran outside and saw lights and a very large ? directly over the court where my house is, i saw what seemed to be something square with bright red lights flashing on the tips of the four corners. the red lights turned white and just as fast as i could blink; the object changed shape and the lights were now only on two ends of a rocket or missile. two ends and it was like an outline

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Credit: MUFON

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