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Sunday, January 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Vallonia, Indiana on 1975-02-15 03:30:00 - I woke up floating

I started sleeping in a small bed that was located at the foot of my moms bed because i fell off the top bunk in me and my brothers bedroom. i was scared to get back up there. well one night sleeping in moms bedroom i went to sleep and woke up floating at the head of her bed. my back to the her bedroom window. my vision was fixed on the brown panel wall across the room to the right of where i was sleeping. the bathroom is to the right of me and the light is on. that is how i am seeing the panel wall with the reflection of light pouring out the door. i floated and stared at that panel wall what felt like years. i was in like a daze or like coming out of anastesia feeling. i can see the bookshelf moms dresser makeup kit bed perfect in the shadows on how it would look at my angle and lighting. i didn't have any of my other senses it felt like. just vision and memory. it felt like time wasn't there or slowed way down. i watch as my brother walks from our bedroom to the bathroom. then it got dark forever. then the lighting was back and i watch him walk back to our bedroom. i tried yelling but couldn't. i continued floating and staring at that panel wall until i was being pulled back to where i was sleeping. my vision turns and i can see the hallway going to the kitchen. the bathroom light pouring out the door lighting up the linen closet across from it. then my vision turns to the hallway going into the living room close to where i am sleeping. that's where i see it ducted back in the darkness of the hallway. the way the bathroom light ran along the panel wall and dipped into the hallway. i could see a little past it's right shoulder. it was maybe 3 1/2 ft tall. it was pale grey in color with a big bald head. it had a big brawl or the top of it sockets was big and preluded a little off it's head. it had little to no ears and a small nose. it had skinny arms. frail looking thing. i got real scared because i thought it was a vampire. i woke up that morning thinking it was just a dream.It happened again not long after that episode. i was staying at my dad's 30 miles away. i slept on the couch in the living room. well one night i wake up floating across the living room staring eye level at this light green phone i usually looked up at on the wall. like the first episode i stared in a daze like feeling. i stared at it what felt like forever. like time wasn't there or slowed way down. dad had a pole light outside that poured a hazy lighting in the kitchen and part of the living room. i am finally being pulled through the rear entrance of the kitchen. i see the hutch china cabinet the kitchen table and table settings perfect at my angle floating and the shadows of lifhting. i am being pulled to the front entrance of the kitchen. i see the refrigerator the magnets stuck to it sink and strainer. i am being pulled through the front entrance of the kitchen back to the living room. i see the hot wheels i was playing with along with the pringles can on the coffee table beside the couch where i was sleeping. my vision went to the darkness of the closed in front porch. i get real scared because i don't see it but feel it. it felt like a vampire. i went back to where i was sleeping on the couch. i felt this thing come up from behind me but i couldn't turn around. it was like i was parrelized. i woke up thinking it was only a dream. it wasn't until 2005 that i realized it was more. i watched something on alien abductions or outer body experiences and i remembered those two events. well i told my mom kind of laughing that i might have been abducted or had an obe. i told her both of those episodes that happened to me. she looked at me and said that's crazy because one night she had a dream she was floating up in the linen closet. it gave me cold chills because that's less than 15 ft. from where i was floating. where i seen that pale grey being. 3 episodes in 40,000 nights 2 within 15' apart. what's the odds?

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Credit: MUFON

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