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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lovells, Michigan on 1977-06-30 00:00:00 - Spotted ufo traveling fast. stopped, then sped up, stopped, made sharp turns, straight up fast rate of speed.

I was on a camping trip, in a tent by the ausable river in northern michigan with my boyfriend. i was 19, he was 25 yrs. old. he's an avid hunter, and knows the backroads and woody areas very well. late one night he wanted to go "shining deer". he plugged in his portable spotlight, and rode in the back of his truck. i was driving his truck, directed by him down the two track path, deep in the woods. then i'd drive slowly, and stop frequently so he could shine his light in the brush and look for wildlife. during one stop, i laid my back against the door with my head out the drivers window looking up at the stars because the sky was clear, and the sky looked so big! i saw a slow moving small plane directly ahead of me, i was looking at the stars, when i noticed a fast moving plane, flying higher up than the first plane, and the lights were colorful. i noticed it went higher, quite fast, i followed it with my eyes, it gained altitude super fast, as i watched i knew something wasn't right. then the craft just stopped! as it hovered, among the stars, i saw the lights were pulsating, the craft was round, i yelled at my boyfriend to look at this thing! it started again slowly, stopped, made another couple of starts, stops, sharp turns. i yelled for my boyfriend to turn the spotlight off. the thing started again, but this time, went straight up, and it must've been at a very fast speed, because it went out of site. i was so afraid by that time, i remember my hands and body was shaking. my boyfriend jumped in the truck and we immediately headed back to our tent. i wanted to leave right then and drive home. (home was 4 hours south). we didn't leave until the next day, but it took me awhile to calm down. seeing that ufo was surreal. i've never seen anything like it since! and it's been 40 years! the movement wasn't smooth. it's hard to explain. it has been burned in my memory, and i don't think we really talked much about the incident afterwards, and never told very many people. two years ago, i talked to that boyfriend, and i asked him if he remembers that night. he said "yes i do". i said, what do you think it was? he said,"i know what it was". and he is a man that is outdoors hunting and fishing year round. doesn't scare easy. i am a very skeptical type person, but that siting changed my life forever!

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Credit: MUFON

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