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Thursday, January 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba on 1986-09-08 03:05:00 - Blue light shooting me with electricity beam

I was lying in my water bed,not asleep. i had just watched a movie. i had my eyes closed and my waterbed started rocking like someone had sat down on it. i ignored it. it then started rocking harder,so hard that the water was slapping me in the back . i opened my eyes and there was a blue light/orb above me, at ceiling height. i felt panicked, it started shooting what felt like numbing electricity at me, i could see it coming in a stream of blue from the blue glowing orb, and could feel it hit me, i was paralyzed, terrified, and always afterwards, until reading about alien encounters, had assumed it was a ghost. during the approximately five minutes i was unable to move i thought if i could just turn on the light i would be ok. my father was in the next room in bed,he had just watched the movie with me. he didn't hear anything. after about five minutes the orb went up thru the ceiling, i could move, and ran out of the room. i made my father get up and sit with me on the couch until it was light outside. (i told him i had a nightmare)

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Credit: MUFON

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