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Friday, January 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Superior, Wisconsin on 2016-09-04 20:30:00 - Large flashing multicolored lighted orb passed overhead at treetop level

On the evening of 9-4-18 at around 8:30 pm, i was in my convertible with the top down nearing my rural home outside of superior wisconsin on county highway b just past pattison state park. just after rounding the final curve in the road heading due east to my home, i noticed what i first thought was a large, very low flying plane in the distance about 2 miles directly ahead just to the right of a local radio tower. it seemed to be fairly large like a big, twin engine private plane and appeared white or light gray in color. however, i couldn't make out any detail because of the twilight conditions except for its general tubular shape and a bright red light on its left hand side. since it appeared to be moving so very slowly in the distance, i assumed that that it was a plane in the process of banking away from me and that i was seeing was it's red portside wing navigation light. i had a car right in front of me and also oncoming traffic so i could only glance at it. i thought that the object acted oddly as it was so low and seemed to be slowly drifting rather than turning or moving as a plane would. that's when i suddenly noticed a bright, reddish ball of light pop up a hundred yards down the road from me. it appeared suddenly from behind some obscuring trees near the south side of the road, shooting up to tree top level, hovering briefly and then moving quickly towards me paralleling the right hand shoulder of the road. it's flight path had a slight wobble to it but was more or less a straight line, horizontal and probably only 50-75 feet above the ground. as it neared my convertible, it suddenly veered to the northwest and passed almost directly over my car at perhaps 20-30 mph before i lost sight of it due to obscuring trees on my left near the road. the object appeared to be about 4-6 feet in diameter and spherical to oval in shape. the most remarkable thing was the multitude of small but bright, randomly flashing multicolored lights which appeared fixed as if imbedded into some kind of hidden structure. the rapidly blinking colors were predominantly red but also with noticeable green, blue and yellow lights. as it passed overhead, i saw a shimmering, almost transparent membrane surrounding all of the lights, sort of like a giant soap bubble. there were no props or drone structure visible. as it was passing over the evergreens their tops seemed to violently sway as if in a strong wind. it was soundless and exhibited no external means of propulsion. after i lost sight of the orb's lights, i noticed that the distant object that i had first seen was now gone. i drove around locally for a while but saw nothing unusual. i felt nothing unusual during the encounter other than astonishment and had no apparent missing time. the car ahead of me on the road seemed to slow down so i believe he had seen it but he didn't stop and kept going. there were two cars right behind me who may have witnessed this also but they didn't stop either. pity, i would have liked to have compared notes. the total time of the encounter was probably no more than 2-3 minutes. no electrical or electromagnetic effects to my vehicle noted. the sky had a high overcast but the weather was stable with no storm clouds in the local area.

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Credit: MUFON

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