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Sunday, January 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Santa Fe, New Mexico on 1966-10-21 23:15:00 - Hovered outside fence next to back of mobil home with an long appendage pointed at back of trailer.

it was late 1966 or early 1967,the weather was cold but no snow. i lived with my mom and dad, dad was overseas. i lived outside the city limits of santa fe in a mobile home park with my mom. mom decided to go to the drive inn theater which was about half a mile west of trailer park on the road to albuquerque. we saw the movie and left to go home, late at night, yet a lot of traffic going both ways. mom got into the left turning lane to enter park and had to wait for lane to be clear. i was sitting directly behind her and was looking at the tree line along side the mobile home park where the six foot cyclone fence was, then i spotted it! since there was a lot of vehicles going back and forth i rolled down my window to get a good look at it. just about 100 feet away i saw a hovering saucer in the shadow of the pine trees that were along the fence line on the west side of property. the reflection of the object could be seen from the road, it was a bright moon so through the trees light was hitting the craft. the pine trees was casting a shadow and it was in it hovering above the ground, but i could still see it because the moon lite up the field behind it. a dark looking hovering craft could be seen clearly by me. it had an arm of some sort pointing and extended to the back of the trailer but not touching it. there was no sound coming from it at all. it was 18 to 24 feet wide.It hovered 4 to 6 feet off the ground and i saw blasts of blue-red-orange-yellow short flames coming from ports around the mid section of it. these ports were evenly spaced around the furthest section, a little lower of its mid section. round and about 6 to 8 inches in size. the flames came out from left to right and seemed to go around the craft because there were bright flashes of light continuing as long as i could see it around-on the ground on other side. it wasn't light, it was flames. because the next time i saw the same ports facing me the fire it was a little different each time. i saw it was a hole where the flame came out of each time. this all took 5 minutes of viewing. i played in this area all the time. it was an empty field with 3 foot tall dry grass. directly under the craft the grass was moving violently back and forth, but outside the craft the tall grass wasn't moving at all. i could make out small lines that went around one side and meet up with the other. this was a saucer like object, thicker on the bottom and with some sort of dome on the top. now this left me seriously disturbed that night. it may of been great to finally see one but i was only 11 years old. my mom didn't know what it was, but she saw it. saw the lights, saw the grass moving and it hovering above the ground. we spoke about it a couple of times but she ended the conversation as soon as i started it. my father finally returned from overseas and i couldn't talk about it again until the day he opened the news paper to the "living" section of "the new mexican" news paper and there was a picture of a ufo going over a farmers barn in the santa fe area that a farmer took and turned over to the paper. it was the same ufo that i saw, exactly, but taken during daylight hours. i told my dad that is what i saw and here is proof! i clipped it out of paper and saved it in my mothers scrap book, but it too has disappeared as well the paper. i never ever forgot and now that i'm 62 years old and i thought it time to tell my story of what we saw. my family have died and all i have is this memory of what was seen that night. i have a drawing but it's difficult to figure out how to send even though i have a b.A. degree in social science. get back with me if there's more you can find out what i saw, i appreciate it.

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Credit: MUFON

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