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Monday, January 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in West Bend, Wisconsin on 1994-06-01 22:00:00 - Group of lights, flying in formation, then disappearing in different directions.

I was sitting outside on a picnic table at a friends house with my girlfriend at the time and we were just passing time, having a conversation. i noticed what appeared to be a group of lights (i would guess 10 -15) high in the sky moving in an upwards direction. the lights were in a triangle, or perhaps diamond type of formation and seemed to be moving at a fairly high rate of speed. as i watched the group of lights for a couple of seconds, they then appeared to change formation as they intermingled amongst themselves and flew off in separate directions and disappeared. at the time, i knew what i had just witnessed, and immediately asked my girlfriend "did you see that!?" she replied that she did see it, and i then asked her to describe what she had seen before i said anything, just to confirm in my own mind that i saw what i actually thought i did. she pretty much described the exact thing that i had witnessed at the time and we both just sat there wondering what the heck we just saw in the sky. although this sighting appeared quite a while ago, i ran into her again and she also still remembered the event to this day. i always wondered what it was that i had seen, as i had never seen something like this before, or after it happened.

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Credit: MUFON

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