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Friday, January 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Newport, Texas on 2017-01-25 00:00:00 - Secluded no lights around, bright star and at least 9 hazy orange after researching "orbs"

for the past three weeks my husband and i have been getting up early to drive around and look for deer since deer season was active at the beginning and a lot have been seen on the side of the roads, we have really been impressed with hwy 1125 close to the small town of newport.. the past two mornings before jan. 25th were pretty eventless. this morning started with all kinds of deer probably over 30, raccoons, hogs. it was the best morning we had. we started at 0130 and around 3am we were ready to go home but have been down speights road right off of 1125 a few times to either look at our map or change drivers. give or take a mile down the road is a curve with a secluded cow farm, we decided to stop there and see if any other deer were around but this time we pulled up and went to the right a bit stopping just after the electrical pole with a large cable going to the ground. we turned off the car and all the lights, my husband climbed up and sat on the door/window and was looking with his night vision and i stayed in the car it was cold out but there were millions and millions of stars shining and the sky was as clear as it ever has been, i noticed a brighter than the brightest star but never thought more than it was beautiful. i would turn on my flashlight every couple of minutes if i heard rustling of branches or my husband asked me to. the last time i turned on my light it was for an extended time that time. when i turned my light out i noticed right in front of the car that a star looked close, as i watched, started to notice it wasn't still but moving closer slowly and having little movements as if the wind was moving it being brighter and whiter than ive ever seen almost looking light a diamond. i said my husbands name two or three times without an answer so then i tapped his leg, he climbed out of the window to sit down and i pointed at the "star," with him being speechless except for saying, we knew this baby, in less than five minutes the star had moved below tree line about what looked like half a mile away, my husband said, "there are more coming," i noticed four circular objects in perfect row being a hazy orange, line up perfectly to the left of the star. appeared that when the star got brighter and dimmer then the objects would move into a chevron form, a "v", again within less than five minutes there were two more objects that joined the first four but they came from the left of me behind us. the star then came slightly closer to us, two more objects arrived but stayed to the center of the star and other objects. i had become nervous because they kept showing up and we were sitting ducks in the pitch dark and everything turned off. a few minutes passed and i couldn't take it anymore and had to leave. the star nor objects "chased" us or showed any kind of threat, almost calming when it first started. we drove up and out of speights road noticing that the star had raised to above tree level and we could see it until we got to the overpass going over hwy 287 back into bowie but just before we got to the over pass an extremely low large craft that looked like a plane or space shuttle returning to the ground went from out right to our left, very shiny metal, no writing or decals and three large green lights on the back of it. once over the overpass we never saw anything again. iphone or android phones didn't catch anything? would draw diagram if wanted.

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Credit: MUFON

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