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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2017-01-02 13:30:00 - I was a passenger on a commercial flight viewing this cylinder object passing my aircraft as i was looking out the window.

I wish to say first that i have flown as a passenger on over 1500 commercial flights and always have a window seat to observe the sky and landscape. also i have spent most of my adult life working for one of the countries leading aerospace companies and took care of aircraft part problems so i can recognize almost every commercial and military aircraft flying. i was on jet blue flight 27 from ewr to mco on jan 2, 2017 at a window seat. we had just passed land coming in from the atlantic ocean and were in our landing mode. i could view homes from my seat and on the seat tv screen i had the flight path map on. our altitude was either 13,000 or 3,000 ft. i was so shocked with what i saw that i didn't pay enough attention to the screen for the altitude. i told my wife right away that i observed an ufo ! i was looking out the window and saw this silver blunt nose and blunt tail object that went streaking past in a straight direction. no wings, canopy, tail, engines, smoke. i lost sight of the ufo as it passed the right side of the aircraft. the ufo looke like a silver baseball bat with two blunted ends. i intently viewed the object for i never have seen anything like it in the sky. it is 0400 hrs and i haven't been able to sleep since viewing this ufo.

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Credit: MUFON

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