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Saturday, January 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Kernersville, North Carolina on 2016-04-10 00:00:00 - Me and my cousin was outside on his property target shooting when a very low flying pass. jet had 4-5 flying objects flying with the jet and was moving around very close to the jet.

It was a clear spring/summer day and we was out on his property getting ready to do some shooting -target practice in a open area on his property, when we notice this large passenger jet was flying low which a lot times seems no big deal as we have a airport close buy, but it was low enough that both of us stopped what we was doing to look up when we did there was 4-5 objects flying all around very close to the jet these objects had clear shape to them like a type of small flying craft maybe the size of a average car they had a white outer shell with one having a grey edge that went along the edge of what looked like a type of wing of sort.They was making quick jumps in flight that no man made air craft can. there was 4-5 of them flying on all different sides of the jet as they flyed right over our area heading toward the airport they started to line up into a flight group and continued to fly with the jet. me and my cousin stood there looking at each other in complete disbelief at what we jus saw. perfect clear day with no clouds in the sky we were in complete shock. these objects was clearly under intelligent control as there jumping in flight movements flying around different sides of the jet and towards the end of them passing over they somewhat grouped up and continued flying with the jet. i'm 42 years old and well educated about our military jets/helicoptors things of that nature and this was nothing related to our stuff. my cousin is not much of a guy to believe in ufo's or things of such but after this he simply don't know what to think, myself i'm open to these type things i do believe they exist but never have had any experiences till this event. i can't give the exact date last year i know it was during the spring/summer. we both lightly mentioned it to both our wives but you know how that goes when you share something like that.Every sense this happened we sit and try to comprehend what we saw but theres no explaining it with it being mid-day crystal-clear sky and it not being the typical reports of glowing balls, these craft had detinsct shape about them clear visible surface with type of angle sides to the objects. this event has been on my mind so much sense this happened i've wanted to share with my family but jus couldn't as they would think i was crazy. but with my cousin not being much of a believer in these type things i couldn't have had a better witness with me. me and my cousin are family men, we both own small businesses and are well respected in our areas we live which ads to the reason its hard to tell folks about something like this they would think we are crazy but theres no mistaking what we saw that day. most sightings i've seen reported was a lot of times glowing balls at night etc. this was the opposite clear sky-middle of the day, and the objects had visible shape and design.

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Credit: MUFON

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