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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Granville / Morgantown , West Virginia on 2014-06-05 00:00:00 - It's was very bright, like one huge led cigartylenol shaped 2 huge lights/pattern belly of cra

I'm a tow boat pilot steering/ navigating barges/tow up river, and saw this big bright light going back, forth, up, down,and side to side. i thought it was a helicopter searching for something, but couldn't see the red, green, or flashing light on it. when i got closer i turned on my search lights to navigate an area of the river, and the object stopped moving. then flew away in a straight line about 20 miles, and made a u turn back towards my direction. then started over the tree line, then over the river, and evently above my vessel. it flowed me for about 10 minutes up river, above my boat. it had two huge light at each end of the craft, and this strange symbol ? or patterned on the belly of the craft, in between the two huge lights. at first i kept trying to read it, to see what it says, but gave up. cause it wasn't writing ? it's was some kind of symbol, or pattern. i ran into my pilot house it get my iphone to record it, and when i was in my pilot house i noticed it out of my forward port window it turned, and was turning away, leaving. i so grabbed my iphone looked where it went, and it was on the western bank, the morgantown side above the tree line. it was just a ball of light again like i seen in the beginning . i snapped a picture of it, and it started picking up speed, and shot away at high speed around a bulinding, high rise building. saw it again 3 days later at the drive inn with my girl freind, but it was 20/30 miles away. just a ball of light, like a comet with no trail, or tail. 1 year later found a mysterious crop circle, and in the formation every plant node was swallen, and bend it in the same way, a 45 degree angle just in the formation ( thousands of plants like this to make formation ), not outside the crop formation. took plant samples also, and many pictures/videos. the craft when i first saw it was probably 500ft of the ground. when it hovered above my boat, and i was outside the pilot house looking up at it. it was probably less than 500ft, cause my pilot house is raised 38 ft in the air. i could see this thing clearly!!!! i have a picture of it before it shot away. i was looking up,at this thing for at least 10 minutes. it was like it was checking me out. the way the thing went far out of its way, then back towards my direction, then evently above my boat, well u can tell it was strategic.

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Credit: MUFON

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