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Thursday, January 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Texas on 2017-01-23 20:30:00 - I was driving back to san antonio and encountered 4 lights that caused me to get off road. then next night ring tone turned to xfiles song without me changing it.

1. i was driving back from corpus christi from texas am corpus to san antonio on high way 37 north. 2. it was really bright in the sky and i thought it was an aircraft at first. but there was no red approach light or anything to say it was an aircraft. 3. i thought it was an aircraft of some sort. 4. it approached at a stead pace and the lights got brighter and brighter to the point where i pulled on the side of the highway fearing my life. at the last second the four lights veered to the left and suddenly disappeared. it appeared to be some type of rectangle craft. 5. during the event i was terrified as i thought it was going to land on the highway. i was on the phone with a friend and told her i had to hop off because there was an aircraft about to crash into me. all i could think of was how i was going to survive the crash. 6. i lost sight because i kept going north on the 37 freeway heading home. extra: the biggest and spookiest thing that happened that was witnessed by several callers the next night (tuesday), was that my ringer changed to the xfile theme song all night. i do not subscribe to that service. also when it happened i looked at the service in my phone and it showed it was in maintenance. none of my kids phones showed the same. the next day it was off of the phone and i called sprint and they had no record of a change and also, i never subscribed to that offering. the tech support says there is no way the ring tone could have changed. i have several witnesses who called my phone to hear this. i would love to know if anyone else has had this problem??????? spooky as helll!!!!

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Credit: MUFON

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