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Friday, January 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Williamsburg, Virginia on 2017-01-16 23:15:00 - Standing outside with my friend we observed what looked like a fading into/out bright star above the building line just below the clouds.

Standing outside for a cigarette with my friend at approx 11pm. looking at the cloudy night sky, no stars in view. a fading light began to appear just below the cloud line and above the tree lines in the townhouse neighborhood. my friend and i observed the light beginning to fade from a very low indistinct light into a bright star light with white bright light in the center, and a light blue-ish fuzzy halo around it. there was no sound, no movement. the object glowed intently for about 10 minutes. both my friend and i had the eerie feeling that someone was watching us from the light, it was an instinctive feeling. the light held position from when it began to glow bright, it never moved from it's spot, as we spoke about it, and pointed at it's location. we were the only people around in the complex outside at that moment in time. the light lasted about 10-12 minutes with about 3 minutes of fading in preceding it, and 3 minutes fading out near the end of the sighting. being there was heavy cloud cover high above the object, it was very obvious it was not a star as there were no other stars visible at the time. a strange light grey mist however seemed to be floating around the star like object but not directly on it until the fading out began, and as it faded out from it's brilliance, the mist seemed to roll around it, and the object and the low glow just disappeared. the mist also seemed to rapidly dissipate until there was nothing but the tree lines, roof tops and the high up clouds in the distance. the light did not pulsate, however it did grow brightly and had the same striation affect of viewing a star with the edges being sharp light streams at times. the light seemed obviously artificial as if connected to an object we could not see. again, no sound affects, no wind movements, just the object floating effortlessly, fading into visual range, and then eventually fading out. once it disappeared we went in side.

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Credit: MUFON

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