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Friday, January 6, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in New Milford , Connecticut on 2016-12-28 17:55:00 - Hovered above trees and moved towards us on the road, followed went above and then dissppeared

In new milford located in fairfield county of connecticut, around 5:55pm we spotted a weird craft in the sky. we were driving on our way to dinner when we saw a low flying, plane-like object. it couldn't be a plane though because of the shape, almost triangle like with light at all corners and ends. it first hovered over trees for a second about 500-1000ft away, then moved forward over an old bank less than 250 feet away from us in the sky. it was dark and we were only at a stop light to video it for less than 30 seconds, so couldn't make out details of the craft but only the lights. when we turned and continued onto the next road it followed our movements and "jolted" over us. it moved quick, i couldn't tell relative speeds because of the distance between us but seemed like it was moving much faster than usual speeds. it was overtop of our car while driving for a few seconds because we couldn't spot it and then it was on the other side of the car before we lost sight of it. we even looked at other cars while stopped to see if they were seeing anything and a woman in her car was staring at the lights and craft in the sky in awe like she was terrified of what it could be or was. overall a very creepy and cryptic experience and wish we had just pulled off the road to see what was going on better. we have 2 videos in which you can see the light in the sky and something moving but do not want to post them yet unless much interest.

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Credit: MUFON

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