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Saturday, January 21, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Pensacola, Florida on 2016-05-01 00:00:00 - Black triangle. same as the other that had been spotted recently around that date. it was big but quiet. traveling south bound. no change in direction. also no lights on surface.

I was in a-school for the navy. i was pt'ing outside the mega building with my class. it was real early. only a little light from the moon lit the hazy sky that morning. though this ufo was very visible. not sure how more people didn't notice it. we had just begun stretching when i caught it listing across the sky out of the corner of my eye. a big black triangle just moseying across the sky. it being a naval air base, i thought maybe it was just a stealth bomber or something. but in retrospect it was too big at that distance to be any bomber i've seen. though i guess maybe it could be some military black project. who knows... i asked around if we had stealth bombers coming into that base but i was told they don't go there. i was really excited! my first(maybe second) real ufo siting. i asked somewhat quietly around me if anybody else saw what i saw. only one person responded. my buddy from boot camp just in front of me doing jumping jacks, *all wide eyed n such* turns around to me and says "i saw it man..." i asked what he thought it was. he excitedly says "i have no idea dude... o_o". we can just make it out above the mega building flying above the trees past the building and past the parking lots and roads leading out of the training facility. which had to be a good 500ft away or more. its just my best guess see as there was a big ass building in front of me. but if i have anything its good eyesight and perception. we watch on as this behemoth keeps moving south across the sky eventually losing track of it as it moves behind more trees and into the night sky. i do remember seeing something on the news about a black triangle moving south out of ohio over the ohio river around that time too. i believe it was before my sighting. eerie stuff(an ohio joke... sry). thats about it though. btw. what i meant by it possibly being my second ufo is that when i was staying at my grandmothers place for a bit in ohio. i spent a whole week just perusing the net and watching videos on youtube about ufo's and alien sightings. come friday morning i watched some more ufo vids for a bit then got up for some food. i dragged my lazy ass out to the kitchen where my gma was chillin, drinking her coffee. i sit to talk to her on a stool by the window. me coming off my week long ufo binge. i look out the window into the sky. i start freakin out a bit because what i see way up in the stratosphere is one of those swarm time ufo sightings. it was a bunch of white dots kinda darting around the sky. i was freaked out because i just spent the last week researching ufo's and now i think i see a bunch above my home. i was sure i was going to be abducted that night lol. i only say it may have been my first ufo sighting because i'm not sure if they were ufo's or just a bunch of balloons that got away from somebody. but it was very weird.

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Credit: MUFON

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