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Saturday, January 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Mount Cobb, Pennsylvania on 2017-01-10 19:15:00 - Lighted, pulsating orbs over several nights. different colors, shapes and locations. they changed from a solid color to mixed at times and appeared to zoom in towards me at times. usually heard a zapping noise when pulsating.

I am emailing you and attaching a clip i just took of what i believe to be a ufo. for the past 4 night, i have seen triangular lighted object in the sky t different areas around the sky but outside my home. usually, i only saw one. the first night when i noticed, what caught my attention was a very bright, white light i saw when i went out to take the dog out. when i looked closer, i saw it was changing from a straight line to a triangular shape. i went inside thinking i must have been imagining it. the second night i did not see a white light but now, blue,green and red blinking lights again, in a triangular shape. i yelled for my son to come so it,thinking i really must be losing it. he confirmed he saw it also. the third might, again the colored ,triangular shape. i got out binoculars and looked close up. my neighbor probably thought i was peeping on them! it was above their house but pretty high up. i could not capture it on pictures. tonight, i flipped out as there again were the triangular, colored ufo's!! yes! uto'sssss plural! there were four!! holy shnakies! they all were at different distances in the sky and were place sort of in a diamond shape. i ran inside and got my son's camera that can zoom in much farther than mine and the clip is what i got. it is of the closest one to earth. you will notice it bounces around and goes from triangle to blurred ball, back and forth. as is goes into the form of the triangle, you can hear a zapping noise in the camera volume. this, i could not hear with my naked ear. they were just staying in their own locations hoovering. the information above is a email sent to my son in maryland the time it was goin on...In nights after, i was able to catch more than one in the same frame of the videos.One in particular was white and seemed to be zooming in towards me and i could see what looked like shapes on it. resembled a mayan calendar is all i could compare it to. the center had a lip like is shown on dropa stones. i have several videos over several nights i would check during the night to see if they came lower to get better videos. it was so cold, i finally gave up looking. on other nights, it has been kind of cloudy or overcast. i saw lights as the clouds past but didn't video these nights. i also have noticed the sap on the pine trees near the house turned blue since this appearance.This is where branches had been cut off last year, the sap had run and dried on the bark of the trees.

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Credit: MUFON

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