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Friday, January 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Flamingo, Florida on 2010-03-23 20:30:00 - Several as in 2009 report, plus numerous flashes from 2009 origin

Everglades night sky during 2010 following a 2009 sighting during our spring field trip to the everglades, which provided the view of a pale blue vehicle streaking across the night sky from the constellation auriga to sirius, i was again watching the night sky in 2010 with two coach drivers, including one who had been teasing the previous year’s driver about witnessing a “ufo” on the that trip and laughing appropriately. this was one year, to the week, since that sighting. on that night in 2010 i was pointing out, to the doubting driver, the location where the vehicle first appeared during the previous year. as i was pointing to the constellation auriga a very bright flash occurred from that exact area. we looked at each other as i am thinking “how does this stuff keep happening, more or less on demand?” so we sat down in our chairs and kept an eye on the area. that night we saw at least 12 bright white flashes coming from that location. these were not meteorites streaking across the sky. all of these flashes were pin-point events, no streaks or lines, nothing yellow (melting rock), not lightning or anything i had ever seen before in the sky. whatever those flashes were, they were records of something occurring some distance away - no sound of any kind, and no other effects around us. if those flashes were moving objects, they had to be going directly away or toward us... one maybe, but all of them and looking identical... probably not. we considered what we saw and came to the conclusion that these were probably explosions happening a long way away. at the time i didn’t make the connection, but it may be that these explosions were a light year away and the vehicle racing across the sky during the previous trip may have come here at near light speed and executed a turn that forced it into temporary visibility. seeing this activity prompted me to write up the previous year’s sighting and submit it to mufon after the following year’s trip. however, i didn’t make the connection, and besides the flashes were not other vehicles - so what am i supposed to report? with all the current buzz about the secret space program by corey goode, bill tompkins and others, who are now coming forward, it makes me wonder if one or more of our own vehicles were in trouble and were returning to bases on the moon. crossing the sky from auriga to sirius before disappearing could possibly indicate a course headed to the moon which rose late that night. was the vehicle dropping mines to hinder pursuit before jumping to light speed in the direction of home? i don’t know, but i’ll bet somebody does. by the way, the driver who was teasing the other about ufo’s saw at least 3 of those pale blue lozenge shaped ufo’s on this night a year later, but they were only exposed for very short distances. i only saw one of them and it probably traveled only a degree or so (near the pleiades)... just a blink of the eye. were they cloaking and un-cloaking... probably. in summary, none of those flashes contained anything that appeared in the yellow part of the spectrum, they were all brilliant white, flashing like aerial bombs that we use in july 4th pyrotechnics, but with no sound. so we saw twelve flashes over the course of an hour and a half but i don’t know how long the light show had been going on. i just know what we saw when we began to take notice. i would have submitted this earlier, but the file of the original submission was on an old computer that i rarely use. when i found the file, i decided to finish things, now that i have had a chance to connect the dots.

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Credit: MUFON

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