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Thursday, January 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in GB on 2007-07-21 22:18:00 - Lights in the sky in fixed formation moving west to east

My husband and i were living with his parents and his cousin was visiting, and there had been quite a big argument. i'd gone to our bedroom and the light bulb went as i flicked the switch. bulbs seem to go more when i'm in a bad mood, although this may be down to chance and it might be chance that the lights in the sky put in an appearance at this time too. but i'm including those details in case they're of any relevance. i'd only been in the bedroom a minute at the most when i was called to the back garden because there were "ufos". they were lights in the sky to the south, approx 20 degrees over the horizon. they were in a fixed formation and moving very slowly and soundlessly to the east until they gradually went out of sight behind a cloud. they were white lights with a smaller, fainter red light immediately above each of them as if attached to whatever the white light was attached to. the red lights were either flickering or flashing rapidly, i'm not sure which. my husband said the lightd couldn't be attached to planes or helicopters because they were moving so slowly and we would have heard them. later i found out my husband only saw/noticed the white lights, not the red ones, but he is long-sighted so he should have been able to see more clearly than i could. but he maybe just wasn't trying to take in the details. i'm still not on good terms with the in-laws so i'm not going to ask whether they saw the red lights! we were all curious about the sighting, just watching for about five minutes until the lights were out of sight. i was happy to see the lights because i like a bit of mystery, and as i can't identify them i can say i've seen ufos! i made a note in my diary with a rough diagram of the formation the lights were in, which may not be entirely accurate but it was done within an hour after the sighting.

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Credit: MUFON

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