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Monday, January 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in New Hampshire on 2010-11-30 00:00:00 - Alarming at least the very least

Sooo somewhere between 6-8 years ago i was living with my parents and around 2 am my mother burst into my bedroom(she knew i was awake playing a video game) and rushed me to go out into the back yard with her(she was always a night owl and always watching the skies as she believed that she was abducted by et's on multiple occasions as do i and had seen many ufos throughout her life as have i) and at first i didn't see anything but she was pointing at an area to the southeast of our home which was in nh so i was watching and after about 20 seconds i saw a flash, and then another and another emanating from what appeared to be a cloud but it seemed so far away that imo it wasn't inside earths atmosphere, it almost looked like a lightning storm but outside earths atmosphere, so we were standing there in the freezing cold watching this for about 10-15 mins and suddenly something came out of this "cloud" we were watching and seemed to be spinning out of control and on fire, i could see that it was cylindrically shaped and clearly on fire and spinning end over end across the sky, we watched it spin across the sky until it was out of sight(it mustve been about 30 mins we watched this slowly spinning across the sky)i could immediately tell that whatever this was it was clear that it wasn't inside earths atmosphere but wasn't far beyond our reach and the entire time this "cloud" just kept on flashing every 15-20 seconds, i truly believe that my mother and i witnessed a "star war" between opposing factions that night( i really wish i had filmed it but was so caught up in what i was seeing i didn't even think about filming it until the following day), so after about an hour i told her i couldn't stand out in the cold anymore and went back in the house but she must've watched this for at least 2 or 3 hours, she has since passed away and was in support of mufon and et disclosure so i'm passing this experience on to you now because she's gone and i don't want this experience to die with me, take it as you will but i was there, i really did see this happen and i would be glad to take a polygraph test to prove it, its not the first time i've seen something inexplicable in the night sky and i'm sure it won't be the last, also being that i believe that i've been subjected to et abduction(having inexplicably urinated and thrown up lots of dried blood on multiple occasions with drs finding no trace of any reason for that happening to me and having a mysterious bruise on my stomach that just magically appeared one day about 18 years ago and it remains there to this day) all this being said i hope we as a race can come together and understand what exactly is going on behind the scenes here and come up with a solution to this invasion that we are clearly facing, thanks for reading and good luck to all of us

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Credit: MUFON

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