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Friday, January 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania on 2017-01-03 19:55:00 - This report relates to the green orb which my friend & i both photographed, although we were actually photographing a glowing second sun type object

On the 3rd of january at 7:55pm a friend and i were driving in my hometown of adelaide, south australia. i had pulled up next to the ocean and immediately noticed what i thought was a part of a rainbow shining through the clouds. it only contained about 3 colors though and i realized it wasn't really a rainbow but could have been some sort of reflection or refraction of the sun. it was so unusual that i took my phone out quickly to photograph this anomaly. my friend did the same from his side of the car. there was also a guy from one of the houses across the road who had rushed out with his slr to take some pics and a couple walking their dog who also had their phones out and were taking pictures. so essentially everyone who was there was photographing the strange object. when i studied the photos later i noticed the objects light was actually reflecting off the water in some pics so possibly was producing its own light? even stranger it wasn't until i looked at the pictures later that i noticed a green ball thing. initially i thought it must be an artifact of some sort but then realized it was in all of the photos taken and was moving evidently at a rapid pace as all photos were taken in quick succession. i contacted my friend to see if the green thing was in his photos also and he confirmed it was and when i asked if he was aware of the green object at the time he said that again it wasn't until he looked at the pictures later that he saw it. i have included all of my pictures here for your perusal and they are sequentially numbered as the phone named them so you can see the exact path of the object and movements captured. (you may need to save them to view in the correct order - from what i can tell they are in reverse order in this email. the last 5 pictures attached to this email are the photos my frend took with his samsung phone. in one he has even inverted the colors.) the photos i took were taken in quick succession, less than a second apart from what i recall. in 3 photos in particular the object moves location exceedingly fast between frames. there are numerous points that are of interest although i'm sure you can see yourself without me saying. such as; appearing to light up the ground underneath and a haze in one picture etc there are also a few photos included here that my friend sent me. his pictures appear to show 4 lights in the object that weren't evident in my photos. he used a samsung galaxy s7 and i was using an iphone 6 plus. also the object looks rounder in his pics although it does appear like a ball in one of my pics also, but that is an out of focus shot. the initial light in the sky shows differently from both our phones also. all of my pics and a few of my mates can be viewed here:

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Credit: MUFON

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