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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Québec City, Quebec on 1983-07-21 00:00:00 - I can’t explain what my sister and i have experienced when we were teenagers. today, i’m 48 and i now dare talking about it.

Approximately 35 years ago, we were playing ball after dinner in front of our house. it wasn’t dark yet outside. there was no danger, except for occasional wildlife, because our farm was isolated. there was no road traffic as it was the last property on a dirt road. all the rest of our family was inside the house. after a few ball throws we have been spotted three times within split second right at us. (see drawing # 1 attached) our first thought was that a car was coming but when we looked up we saw a bright white sphere that was heading towards the field. (see drawing #2 attached) i ran towards my sister who also came to me. we were so terrified that we both grabbed the mail box post. when we noticed that the sphere was farther, we ran home to tell our family who immediately watched through the window. one of my brothers said and i quote: “this explains the energy surge we experiment minutes ago”. my other brother said: “it looks like the light i saw with mom when i was three”. and my mother replied: “we are not alone in the universe”. after the stress was over and the sphere gone, we wanted to return outside to continue to play. my mother told us that it was too late because it was 10h30 pm already. we were both surprise because for us, it felt like we were playing outside since a short time. the normal life continued, but i stayed with a feeling of strangeness… incomprehension… of missing time… a few years later, i did a nightmare. i was on a metallic table unable to move. i felt that something was “moving” around me but i couldn’t see anything except for a device attached to the “ceiling” that was coming down towards me. i was panicked, i tried to move… they hold my head. i was told telepathically that i won’t feel any pain… i felt that my sister was near me. the device pierces my right eye with a thin needle. (see drawing #3 attached) i calmed myself because it was true that i felt no pain. i couldn’t move, but i could move my eyes! i remembered thinking that i wasn’t cold even if i was on a metallic table. i turned my eyes to the left and i saw 2 “dark grey beings” in front of a console. there was a “tall pale grey”. when i saw him, i thought, “this one he’s different”. he then turned to the two short ones and signaled them that i was watching. so, a short one came to me. he “reassured me” that nothing bad would happen either to me or my sister… he turned my head towards a giant tv screen to my left and made me understand that if humans don’t change they will go to their destruction… by images of famines, explosions… (see drawing 4 attached) i woke up in tears thinking to myself that this was what really happened…

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Credit: MUFON

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