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Thursday, January 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Haverfordwest, Wales on 2010-12-25 21:35:00 - Lights in the sky viewed from house, no sound

This occurred six years ago and my memory isn't too good so this is mostly taken from what i wrote in my diary that night: my husband called me to the back door (he'd gone there for a cigarette) where there was a light in the sky traveling to the north from the west, away from us. he saw it first right overhead, moving to the north. as we watched it stopped briefly, then resumed and got dimmer as it went behind a cloud so we couldn't see it any more. we were debating whether it was a chinese lantern but doubted it as it had halted briefly. then three more swung in from the east, that is from the right of the section of northern sky we can see between the hedges on either side of the narrow garden. the speed was like fireworks. they slowed right where we could see them, then one went off to the left so it was no longer visible below the hedge. of the two remaining lights, one got behind the other from our perspective. they moved slightly in our direction (south) then went north again and went out of sight behind the clouds. they looked like reddish-amber lights. the first maybe twinkled a little like a star but the others were steady in intensity. i thought of them as moving like ice skaters, smoothly and sometimes in arcs. they moved fairly slowly apart from when the group of three first came into view. i don't think they changed altitude. i took a few photos on my blackberry, i think some were with and some without the flash so not much is visible in a few but i'm including them in case they're of use at all. what looks like a light below the washing line is most likely a reflection from the shed window. i felt lucky to have seen the lights in the sky, although perhaps luck has nothing to do with it as my husband described the first light as being right overhead, they 'performed' right where we could see them, they at one point seemed headed straight for us, and this wasn't my first ufo sighting. i'm drawing no conclusions but it seemed as if me or my husband were meant to see them.

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Credit: MUFON

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