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Sunday, January 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on 2017-01-29 18:12:00 - From my backyard saw a large white star a few degrees under orion's belt & thought that was odd & then it started moving on a straight path toward the se. i watched for about 5 seconds, i moved for better view, glanced at it then it disappeared

This has been an eventful night so far. at 6:12pm i went outside to the backyard and looked around the night sky. though there are streetlights i can still see the prominent constellations and tonight the sky is clear. i looked south and saw orion and about 10 degrees below orion's belt (which points on an angle downward) i saw a large bright star which was as large as venus is these days, but not as strikingly brilliant. i could see sirius a little over to the right and below it a few degrees. it was larger than sirius. i thought to myself "that's odd i don't remember seeing a star there before " and watched it for a few seconds, then it abruptly started to move on a straight path horizontally and at the same level (aprox. 12 degrees above the horizon) and was moving rather rapidly. it moved at a steady speed with no variance straight toward the south-east. there was no sound, and it didn't vary in brightness or shape. it was a white orb-shaped star-like something. i was soon going to lose sight of it due to a building next door, so i walked toward some stairs so i could be higher and watch it for a longer time. i took some steps toward the stairs and glanced briefly and i could still see it moving in the same manner. then i looked down to climb several steps and looked and it was gone. i climbed up to the second story and scanned all around and it was nowhere to be seen. i did a few things around the house and decided to report this 6:15 sighting here. altogether i watched it for about 6 seconds. i went outside again at 7:00pm and looked at the sky to see if there was any detail i had forgotten or miscalculated and then saw a small, white pinhead sized orb moving on a arcing trajectory from gemini down toward orion. it was fading and then brightening as it moved and it moved at a steady speed. it continued past betelgeuse (the left shoulder star) then i lost sight of it due to some branches. i watched it for about 10 seconds altogether. i came in, took note of the time and continued with this report. at 7:14pm i went out again and looked at orion and saw another white, pinhead sized orb moving straight down from above orion toward bellatrix (the right shoulder star) then it curved under orion's belt. it was visible for the whole duration with no variance of light. i lost sight of it due to the same branches of my neighbour's tree. i watched it for about 7 seconds. there are advantages to seeing only the major stars with darkness between because anything moving catches your eye. we have seen a lot of activity from our backyard over the years and just the other day i realized i hadn't seen anything happen for about two months. one member of my household mentioned he had seen a moving star several nights ago. so it felt good to see tonight's activity. we keep our eyes on the sky at night as a habit because we have witnessed so much and are very curious about what we're seeing.

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Credit: MUFON

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