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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Sand Springs, Oklahoma on 2016-09-23 22:18:00 - Large, triangular, very bright lights on each tip of the triangle, shimmering blue light in window compartments, no noise.

I am a retired steel mill superintendent. i was at home that night in september and i had just finished watching the weather on cbs news channel 6. as i do every night i take my dog off the back elevated deck at my home to allow her to urinate before bed. i had just climbed back up the stairs and was back on my deck latching the half-door. when i looked to the north-east and saw this huge oject traveling at a high rate of speed at a shallow angle to the south-west. the obect was within my view for less than 35-40 seconds and dissappeared behind some large trees in my backyard. i ran in and grabbed my camera but it was gone. i stood there over an hour and a half hoping to see it again. it never returned. i have looked for it every night since as i feel i need to see it again. i am a 74 years old and have flown extensively and have had flight training flying light aircraft, cessna 180-150's. i am a vietnam era veteran and former paratrooper who spent hours and hours aboard helicopters and aircraft of all types. my eyesight is 20-20 still and i recognize most aircraft and am familiar with their appearance. i have never encountered anything like this object in my life. the interior hazy blue lights that were compartmentalized were like nothing i have seen. they were a shimmering blue hazy appearance and i have not seen such a light except in hollywood sci-fy productions. the craft banked slightly as i watchced it and i was then that i was able to see the other light and the full shape of the triangle. i have hesitated in reporting this as i have a very good reputation in my community and i do not wish to appear a looney old man who is losing his grip on sanity and reality.

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Credit: MUFON

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