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Thursday, January 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in White Oak, Texas on 2017-01-25 20:53:00 - Noticed big star like craft heading home. it moved directions from sw to w. then hovered.

I was driving home from a church meeting when i noticed what i thought was a brilliantly bright star, or possibly a full moon. (there's not a full moon today.) i continued driving, watching it when i noticed it had gone from the left, over to my right. strange to me. it didn't dart about, but it was too quick to be an airplane, jet, or helicopter. also, the brightness of it was not that of any aircraft. no blinking lights. just star-like. watched it go back behind cloud cover, then had visible view once i pulled into our road. there's a clearing where there are power poles set, & i really got a good view of it then. i pulled my truck over, & turned my phone video on. i observed it hovering for about almost 3 minutes. it then disappeared behind cloud cover once again, & that was the last i saw of it. 🛑 i have a 2 min. 21 second video of the craft hovering, but am having extreme difficulty getting it to load. if someone could contact me a different way, i can send it differenely.

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Credit: MUFON

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