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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Morgantown, West Virginia on 2014-06-05 00:00:00 - Cigar, tylenol oil shaped. two huge lights at each end underneath craft.

I'm a pilot on the in land river system. in june,of 2014 i was just coming on watch, headed up river to morgantown, 3g stone dock. to deliver mty barges to be loaded with stone. around midnite heading up river i noticed this bright light, up river. it was going up, down, side-to side, like a helicopter looking for something. what i thought was strange is that i couldn't see its red, green, and flashing running lights. as i got closer the most i said to my self i need to pay attention to this thing. (this whole time i still calling it a helicopter, trying to think rationally like a human) at one area in the river just below where that thing was, cause this was right buy the river bank, over a little community. i turned on my search lights to navigate this area, and when i did that. this thing stopped moving, and went in this perfectly straight line (like it was on rails) about 20 miles out of they way, and then did a " u " turn coming back in my direction, but was on pace to intersect over my vessel. i thought also that this " helicopter " did this, and these moves awfully quick ? then it started over the tree line, then over the river, and eventually over my boat. it was blinding bright also when it started over that tree line, then over the river, and above my boat. immediately i noticed this wasn't no helicopter!! i would outside my pilot house to check this thing out flowing me up river above my boat. it was only less than 500 ft above me. it's was cigar/tylenol pill shaped at each end underneath this thing to use lights in there was this strange symbol marking in the tween them lights. i keep trying to read it, but gave up cause it wasn't writing. it was a strange symbol, or marking if some kind. it was completely silent. finally after the 4th-5th time i ran out side my pilot house, i ran back on to give my boat a steer, and then grab my iphone to film this thing, and i noticed out of my port forward pilot house window it was turning, and flying away. i grabbed my iphone, scanned area to see where it was, and it was on the western bank, the morgantown side above the tree line like a ball of light. like i seen from the beginning. i snapped a picture of it, and then it started picking up speed, and then shot away at high speed around a high rise building, and was gone. i saw it again 3 days later when i got of the boat with my girl freind at the drive inn, but it was like 20/30 miles away, and like a ball of light, or comet with no tail going across the sky. one year later in washington co, about 45 miles away. i found a crop circle formation. what was weird about it was that every plant in this formation which was huge, like 600 ft long, every plants top node was swelled, and bent in a 45 degree angle. there was thousands of plants matted down to make the formation, and the ones out side the formation was affected. i took sample plants, and many pictures, and videos also. this light for the next year was seen by many people in south western pa, ohio,west virginia area.

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Credit: MUFON

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