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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Walker, Minnesota on 2016-11-27 00:00:00 - Looked like bright star in distance. flew at me at very slow velocity until over head then hovered. hourglass shape about 8-10 storys high

I was driving from cass lake, mn heading south on hwy 371 on my way to the northern lights casino in walker, mn around 2:30am.About 10 miles out from walker i noticed a bright point of light in the se ahead of me. i thought it might be a bright star. as i drove the point of light begsn to grow continuously. at first i thought it to be a plane but it was moving to slowly towards me. it had no flashing lights so i know it wasn't a helicopter either nor was it a hot air balloon. i slowed my speed to about 5-10 mph as i watched it approach and grow in size. the object continued its path until it hovered over head. the object was shaped similar to an hourglass. both the bottom and top structures were round like hockey pucks. bottom was like 2 pucks stacked then the middle was hourglass shaped then 2 more hockey pucks atop that. on the top of the top strucure (hockey pucks for lack of better shape comparison) a very tall spire almost like a radio tower continued for about 100ft. the spire had blue/green, red and white lights continuously covering it. the puck sections each were the approximate size of 4 story buildings and both had a continuous clean, bright white light that wrapped around with round red,green and orangish lights spuraticly above and below white light all around the puck shaped portion. the middle curved section between the puck shaped portions was about 50-75ft high also with lights. the object at its closest to me was about 100-200ft above ground and above me moving about 1-5 mph. i reached for my spot light i use to shine deer but was unable to reach it with an intention of shining it at the object. the object continued past me and i accelerated and continued on to the casino. there are 3-4 towers with ligjts along this section of hwy between cass lake and walker. there is also a private landing strip along the hwy. this object was not one of the towers or anything that would use a landing strip or pad. objects this size and shape should not be in the sky or able to fly. when the object was ovet head i lowered my window and i could hear no sound from object. no engine or sound of burners as in a hot air balloon. it also appeared to have a metal exterior. no visable windows. the white light was like ive never seen. hard to explain. it was the cleanest, brightest white light i've ever seen. all the lights were. when i arrived at the casino i ran into a friend at the entrance. as i explained to him what i had just witnessed a door security guy overheard my conversation. he approached and he said he has seen the same shaped object before as well. m a biologist and have been very skeptical of these kind of stories, as they are a dime a dozen here in northern minnsota, especially on reservations. now i don't know what to do or think about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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