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Monday, January 2, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia on 2011-09-06 01:00:00 - Observed black triangle with red lights on corners and white light in centre approach. made contact.

I was living on the the 12th floor in an apartment complex downtown at the time. i was getting ready to go to bed (my wife was asleep already) when the room was flooded with red light. it was like a truck was right outside shining the breaklights inside the room, which makes no sense since we were on the 12th floor. i tried to wake my wife to tell her that there was something outside our window but there was no way i could wake her up (which is highly unusual). at this point i decided to move to the kitchen and look out the window to see if i could figure out what was shining a light outside our apartment. i sat at the kitchen table, looking out for about half an hour before i see anything. i hear animal sounds going off in a 'wave' (like the animals are moving away from something) about 2-3 km away, in a nearby forrest (stanley park, vancouver). the sounds are coming closer and then i see a black triangle with red lights on the corners rotating around its' centroid (the craft is positioned vertically, not like you would expect an airplane to fly). the triangle made no noise, it was actually like everything got more quiet when it approached. i watched it hover towards me as it stopped right next to the building across the street. i'm not sure if that's when the white light in the center started glowing or if it had been there from the start, but the triangle hovered in place (stopped moving and rotating completely) with the face of the triangle facing me directly. the white light got brighter and more intense and i felt an emotional connection to it. it was like it was talking to me, just coming in to say hello. i'm not sure how long i stared into the light, it must have been no more than 10-15 seconds but it felt like during that time the triangle was transmitting information to me via the white light. at this point the triangle flew behind the building across the street (still at eye-level). i stuck my head out the window so i could see it come out from behind the building on the other side. at that point the craft disintegrated and two of the red lights spun around each other while ascending rapidly (the paths forming a double helix) where they settled around a star. the last light transformed into a saucer shaped silver disc and flew in a straight line towards downtown. afterwards i was really excited about what i had just seen, but also very confused. not only had i seen a flying black triangle but i had made some sort of telepathic contact with it (or the occupant). i decided to sit there and see if i could make further contact with the being through my mind. specifically i asked it to show me who it was. about 30 minutes later i see an face appear in my 'third-eye'. the image is very vivid and depicted a being with large tilted eyes and a very large forehead. it was just there, looking right at me while i looked at it. and then, as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone. although the being decided to show itself to me, it didn't really answer the question who it was, or explain it in any way to me. i was still very excited about the whole thing and i just looked out the window to the stars in hopes of seeing something else. and here comes the part that i usually leave out when i tell this story to friends; i felt drawn to a certain star in the sky so i stared at it for a little while. that's when i notice that there is a triangle around the star and the star is actually an eye, looking right at me. it was the 'all-seeing-eye'. it looked very life-like, i could observe little twitching motions in the eye itself and it was obviously looking right at me. this, more than any of the preceding events, was actually quite frightening to me. the triangle i could comprehend in some way, i understand the concept of telepathy, but this was just something completely different and made me feel very small. in the next couple of weeks i observed some highly unusual things, that perhaps should go into a separate report. to summarize, i saw a white light hovering on the water and had another telepathic contact (this was about a week later). for about 20 minutes after i made contact it seemed that the laws of physics had completely changed, or that time simply didn't exist anymore. the experience is hard to describe, it was like seeing the connection between all things and that everything was just 'floating' and not actually moving on its own. since these events i have done a lot of research into similar experiences and sightings. i actually find a lot in common with a lot of the psychedelic literature out there as well as similar reports of telepathic contact with extraterrestrial (or extradimensional) beings. i would like to state that at this time i had only ever taken psychedelics once in my life (magic mushrooms, about 5 years prior to the event) but i am a daily user of marijuana.

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Credit: MUFON

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