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Friday, January 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2016-01-16 14:18:00 - Multiple ufos appear and disappear over the course of a hour or so.

I was working in the area when my ipod started to turn off/glitch randomly and i felt uneasy like i was being watched, like the feeling you get walking though a dark house after watching the ring or some other scary movie. it was a nice day overall and i had my ipod with me to catch sunset shots later that day. i stood up and went outside for fresh air and looked up and saw them i watched the objects for about 10-20min trying to identify them there were no nba games or events at the nearby stadium and ruled out blimps. and normal air traffic was still going on and ruled out planes large and small i am used to seeing jets and advertising planes and was easy to know these were not one. i suspected a drone but drones in the city are loud and when it flew behind the building i zeroed in on it and realized that it was much farther away than first thought and at that range a drone would not be visible at all and it still had a good size to it at that range meant it must be 2/3 the size of a plane at least. i took video evidence and for a while was unsure weather it was worth reporting and just kept it for myself to look at randomly. it should be noted as i was taking video my ipod had 100 percent full battery but as i was filming the low battery warning would keep popping up and the ipod would power down and then another small clip then power down, after a few decent shots i gave up and just finished watching the things for another 30-40 min. they appeared out of thin air se of the main building and went behind the tall building and as it passed going n it disappeared off in the distance all the while at a constant speed while visible. i did walk around the building to see if they went off into the distance naturally but as far as i could tell that did not seem to be the case. the objects are white/grey and semi reflective cylinder/cigar shaped with a small spec of something on lower dead center. video was filmed on ipod touch 5th gen mkj02ll/a. form my standing position in a open parking lot. when filming the teal and tan building is northeast and the 55w building is my north. also saw a regular plane filmed for comparison. filmed in downtown orlando fl jan 16th 2016 2-3pm.

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Credit: MUFON

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