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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in League City, Texas on 2016-12-22 22:45:00 - 2 spotlights from water catch ufo

My parents live about 5 minuets from the bay/ ocean out side houston and i pretty much have grown up on the water day and night fishing, so used to seeing lights from coast guard, other fishermen night fishing, freight liners, jets scrambling out of air-force base near by, nasa testing jets, you name it as fishing and water plays a big part of our lives were out there often day or night. on dec. 22 around 11pm i decided to step outside to have a cigarette on the side patio, as soon as i opened the door i could see 2 large spotlights south east form my direction both searching in the air, the lights were so wide and bright that it had to be coming from either freight liner or the coast guard as nothing else on the water would normally have that big of lights unfortunately i was to far inland to see what was the exact source. as i stood there about half way done with my cig 1 of the lights stopped moving and focused on something then the other light focused in on the same area and for around 15-25 seconds i could make out what seemed to be a light color almost dirty white color cone maybe pill shaped object directly in the center of the 2 spotlights,i had never seen anything that shape flying much less hovering but as soon as i was able to focused in on the object it left faster then anything ive ever seen fly across the sky, in less then 3 seconds i went from facing south east to facing north west i only lost track of it due to the amount of distance it was covering in such a short time, the most amazing thing during this short experience was the trail it left behind, it was this pencil thin ultra bright blueish white light that stretched from the spotlights to well i dont know how far seemed to go on forever. after this the spothlights went back to searching the sky again for another minuet or so then turned off. by this point i was in shocked as i know i witness something out of the ordinary that night i told my girlfriend the next day but no one else, i thought about this event since its happened and at this point would like some kind of answer as to what was being spotlighted, and to the silent speed the object had while flying

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Credit: MUFON

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