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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Denver, Pennsylvania on 2017-01-31 20:33:00 - Bright light that didn't belong. when using binoculars, flash sharp rays of various colors & w/ cell phone video looked like a donut flashing multitude of bright colors

When i first noticed this light i was walking my dog in the back yard of our home. it was one of those double take moments. i glanced you as i usually look at the sky/stars and was headed back inside w/ the dog and i quick looked back because what i saw didn't belong there. at first i thought airplane, but it did have any flashing lights like all planes have & it was exstreamly bright. i stood and watched it for a couple minutes and at first it didn't seem to be moving. then i noticed a side to side motion and it seemed as though it was headed in our direction. i quick, got in the house and called for my wife to come look at it. she had the same thoughts. plane, no... it looks like it's moving side to side ect... the movement was very subtle and it was going anywhere. i'm the last guy to quick grab my cellphone and take photos or video but this light hung around long enough for me to think about getting my binoculars and take video of this weird light. then it bacame more bizarre when i looked at it with the binoculars and st that point i knew it wasn't a star. we took videos of it on my cell phone. when we reviewed the videos, it looked like a spinning donut with a lot of different colored lights that move so fast you couldn't see most of the colors by eye! with the video zoomed in, it morphed in and out of shapes. my wife and i both looking at each other with our mouths hanging open not knowing what to think! i went back outside to see if it was still there and it had moved a good deal of distance and gave me a tree to gage its movement and it startled me. i have to say, that's not done easily! but it didn't move like ya might see other people's encounters and videos. it was very suddle but very obvious when it did. i again drug my wife outside in the cold and she was watching it and i heard her gasp! she saw it move like i did! this light hung around for a long while. i went in and out as it was very cold, wind blowing ect.. probably about 5 degrees with windchill. however, i took videos each time i went out until when i finally went out and it was gone! we talked about it all the rest of the night. both of us trying to find a logical answer to this strange light. stuff like, it's probably government, could it be a drone ect... thing is, we have the view of air liners, commercial jets and there is an airport somewhere, not sure where exactly but there are a lot of small planes that take a certain pathetic taking off or landing (?). on one of my trips out in the freezing weather i observed an commercial passenger plane flying about as high as they fly and it almost crossed paths. it was close enough that i remember thinking that the people on that plane had to see it, specially the pilots. when this happened it was pretty obvious that this light was a lot higher than the plane and even gave me the feeling it could be out of our atmosphere. the thing that baffles us is the videos i took. the shape and color changing that occurs is just crazy! i was in the # 1 combat ready unit stationed in the us and spent most of my life in law enforcement. my last job being a police officer. i am a trained observer and its driving me crazy as to what this light is!

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Credit: MUFON

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