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Monday, January 30, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on 2017-01-29 20:15:00 - Two large ships appeared in western sky. one fully lighted circle, mutiple colors, the other no lights

On 1/29/2017 i was visiting with my 83-year-old mother watching tv. at approximately 8:15 i went outside to the car. i looked toward the western sky and saw what looked like a very bright planet (white light). sky's tonight were crystal clear with moonlight. all planets visible as well. the light was so large i couldn't help but look at it more. i saw on the right side of this light a flashing red intermitent light. i thought at first it was an airplane. i continued to observe object for five minute but no apparent flight path to the naked eye. to the naked eye it was stationary. i was so shocked at this enormity of this light i ran inside to get my 10 x 50 power hunting binoculers. by comparison this white light was maybe 10 x (ten times) the size of any planet and 100x as bright. i returned outside with binoculars and began to focus on the object. the light began to move farther east and north towards me. the object became crystal clear in the binoculars. this large light began to take wild paths directionally, up and down, left and right, and 90 degree turns. i was abslutely stunned to see this large light come from the direction of an enourmous ship, curcular in shape diameter but with a more rounded bottom. this ship easily 10x the size of the large light. the ship was so clear in the binoculars i could see the bottom construction. i could see the lines of compartments unform in nature. the large ship had no lights but cleary visible silouette in moon/star light. due to the angle in sky i could not see the top of large ship but appeared i could see 90% of bottom except the western edge. the ship remained stationary. i viewed it for approximately five minutes before it completely disappered. it was hard to tell but it looked like two smaller white lights came from the direction of the ship and joined the large light. the large light became stationary after bouncing in the sky. what amazed me was these lights came together and transformed themselves into a very large multi colored disk. the disk had a solid band of lights around it with very clear red, blue, green, white lights. the interior of the disk, what looked liked the bottom of disk, had very clear colored lights, not solid but more polka dot pattern. i observed this phenominon for 50 to 60 minutes and went back inside. i stuck my head outside 15 minutes later approximately 9:15 p.M. centeral time usa, and object disapeared. hard to tell distances. to the naked eye large light clearly visible but ship was not. with binoculars everything was as clear as if someone took a photograph. my 83 year old mother saw everthing through the binoculars and was a witness.

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Credit: MUFON

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