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Monday, January 30, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Howard Beach, New York on 2016-04-15 00:00:00 - A ball of light, plasma in form, it's light grew and shrunk about 7-8 times before completely disappearing.

I was driving with my dog late night coming back home when suddenly, in front of my car, appeared out of thin air a ball of light about 300 ft. from the front of my windshield. 300 ft above the ground. this object can manipulate light because the light that it was admitting ended around its horizon, as if it were in some invisible bubble. in the middle of this bubble of light was a sphere, the most purist led light i've ever seen. i say led because it had a bluish tint. the sphere itself was like a ball of plasma that was emitting light. very bright and white with bluish tint, but the whole bubble of light was very dim. hard to explain since i've never seen anything do that before with that kind of manipulation of light. this bubble with this sphere inside of it, did not reflect light on any surface around me. it was as if it didn't want to be seen. there were people doing things in their front yard in the area, but didn't even notice it. two young guys noticed it and started hollering and yelling, amazed at the ball of light they have just seen when i went around the block. the horizon of light around this object grew and then shrunk, about 6-8 times before disappearing in front of my eyes. i then drove my car around the block, that's when i saw two guys amazed at what they had just seen. they yelled out, " wow did you just see that light?" i just kept driving because i was even ashamed to say that it was a ufo, i still couldn't believe what i had just seen in front of me. since then i had seen about 4 more sightings in 2016 and one in 2017. when i looked directly into the sphere from my stationary position after stopping my car, it stopped growing and getting smaller and it just stayed there as if it paused, maybe it knew i was looking at it. this sighting comes a couple of months after my ex girlfriend told me about being abducted. she said she had a personal experience with the tall greys. after her telling me about this, i had spent some time with her on a couple of dates, and this is what happened to me. as far as i know i didn't have an personal encounter with beings like she did, but i have had some sightings of lights appearing in front of me, and i even recorded a video of one and put it on youtube already with my current girlfriend, who she also says have had experiences with et's in her lifetime. in the video it was her first time seeing something like this as an adult. believe this whoever reads this, that's extraterrestrials are real! p.S. i uploaded a pic from a friend of mine, the one with the triangular formation, that pic is hers, she actually has the video to that. i uploaded my video also.

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Credit: MUFON

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