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Saturday, January 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on 2017-01-01 12:15:00 - Saw 737 but stationary in sky, mid day, but a star, bs man, whipped out cam, screenshots from long vid

Was outside filming what looked like radiation burnt clouds right over my back yard, noticed a 737 hovering, saw a star, it was noonish. i got beemed for real, i have vid and images. i dont feel right, i know i have radiation for sure, but im alive, and it's ok. i know why so many sightings now, we are the aliens, passing through their worlds, this is another nibiru, a planet ufo. they told me the sun is fake and we are being slowly irradiated!!! and soon it wont be slow on purpose fake attack project firesign< the save will me the real wtf moment,... they told me we were thrown off courseof the sun, yes, from our normal earth, mass amnesia event, they are using hexagonal reflectors for sun. the red wing planet is a "painting word" for when they accidently put out a lens, that can see... that we have a trail of reflectors behind us... that we are leavign, to get the light from sun to us, but a reflector is off, that it's miss calibrated... i love my camera, it is gifted, a chimera.. people can see it real life too, but can't get their camera to do it. but, that's only a tear the veil off eye moment, then u have to realize you now have z dna, and the twist has reversed,. every one is losing weight, everyone is running around crazy, ... everyone is in confusion ... hahahahahaha... im an avian, but the blue avians are not real. blue spere alliance is psyop. i have proof. gahahahaaha, oh my, arcuturians have been telling the entire galaxy univrerslal wtf ever it is we r doing, wow.. i can't even say i dont believe this, anything is more believable then being an ant, under a magnifying glass.. no wonder i can see in anything, and crush carbon composiite steel with my hand, bare hand. we are mutating as we hurtle!! and when these vimna tech lenses stolen from zoestar fail, or nefariously justment< what happens then?? vishnu? god? allah? buddah? satan?? all the same???/ wtf have we done to ourselves, coz god aint sortin shit out. every geiger app i have says i should be dead. and there is more oh way more.

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Credit: MUFON

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